Ballum Sluse at the Wadden Sea

Experience panoramic views of the Wadden Sea

To experience panoramic views over Vadehavet (the Wadden Sea), you should visit Ballum Sluse. The fine, old red brick construction has for decades guided water from Brede Å (River) through the Ballum-Alstrup dige (dike). The dige was established in order to prevent floods during storms destroying the fields behind, and from its top, there are impressive views over Vadehavet on one side and the flat fields on the other.

Vadehavet extends over 1459 km2 and National Park Vadehavet is the largest national park in Denmark. Here, you can experience the dramatic tides that expose the seabed for six hours – during this time the area is a sought-after source of food for millions of birds. The area close to Ballum Sluse is one of the places in the Vadehavet area that is most visited by birds, and if you remember to bring along your binoculars, you can get a unique insight into the many species who flock there.

In the spring and autumn, you can experience the phenomenon ‘Sort Sol’ (black sun), when around a million starlings rise into the air in a fascinating sky-dance, which almost eclipses the sun, before resting in the reed beds below. Apart from the wealth of birdlife in the area, you can gaze at grey and spotted seals soaking themselves in Vadehavet. You can also sample the treasures, that the sea leaves behind. You can collect oysters on the exposed seabed, but be careful, as there is a difference of up to two metres between high and low tide, so it’s important to be familiar with the tides before you venture out into the seabed.

There are parking areas in a number of places along the Wadden Sea coast.

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Ballum Sluse
Bredebro 6261 DK
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