Anchor Dreamcatcher

A Thomas Dambo troll on Fanø

NOTE! Anker Dreamcatcher has unfortunately been pillaged as it stood in an illegal place. It is not yet known where and when Anker will be resurrected.

Anker Drømmefanger is a Thomas Dambo troll that you can experience on Fanø.

The story behind Anker Dreamcatcher

Anker Drømmefanger was born during "Den Store Troldefolkefest", which is the name of the project that arose due to Covid-19. Thomas Dambo should actually have built 25 trolls around the world, but due to the pandemic, Thomas flew to Denmark, where the troll folk party was created with the help of a lot of volunteer labor from locals around Denmark.

See more about the creation in this video from Thomas Dambo:

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Go on a troll hunt

Anker Dreamcatcher is just one of many Dambo trolls, and a popular free activity for many families with children is to go troll hunting.

Use our map to start your own troll hunt here:

dambo trolls short

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5 reviews

  1. Anchor dream catcher is peeled down.

    Anchor dream catcher has unfortunately been torn down and is lying on a disused pilot site. We found the place where he has been sitting and the remains thrown in a pile at the landfill. You'd better delete the link to him.
    Very unfortunate he otherwise looked great in the picture.

  2. Found Anker, left lying, on pallets in a lonely place

  3. Troll No 67 (Fano, Denmark)

    We visited your troll today in Fano! It's magnificent. We also visited Silkeborg as well! Super good job!

  4. Beautiful and impressive

    Beautiful and impressive. Art in its very own way.

  5. Great experience to see Anker Dream Catcher in the beautiful nature. beautiful nature.

    Truly a great experience to SEE and FIND Anker Dream Catcher on Fanø. You will find him in the most beautiful Fanø nature, with a beautiful nature.

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