Beautiful scenery and local flavors

We have visited Årø, a beautiful little island in the Little Belt at the mouth of Haderslev Fjord. Sure, the island with an area of 5.66km2 and only 150 inhabitants is quite small, but it now still saves on some pretty big experiences.

The island is located approx. 1.5km from the mainland and definitely worth a visit if you are into beautiful scenery seasoned with local flavors!

Read about our trip in detail below, but start with this little video clip…

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Visit Brummers Gaard

the yard from the outside

Brummers Gaard is located in the middle of Årø town and dates back to the 19th century. The thatched farm has its name after the last owner, Knud Brummer, who, in addition to being a farmer, was also an amateur archaeologist. His many walks around Årø have resulted in a large collection of stones with traces of the islanders' work in ancient times. You can experience part of this exciting historical collection at Brummers Gaard.

In the café at Brummers Gaard you can enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner and you can also buy different southern Jutland specialties as well as island products from other Danish islands.

We order Vera fish friezes based on an old island recipe and a "Taste of Årø" plate with the island's specialties. Nice, nice breakfast accompanied with Årø's own beer, Kratluskeren.

breakfast at the humming farm
Breakfast with local specialties at Brummers Gård

Danish winemaking at Årø Vineyard

Believe it or not; at Årø you can experience Danish production of red wine, white wine, rosé wine, sparkling wine and liqueurs. Årø Vineyard was established in 2004 and in 2007, it was possible to harvest grapes for the first time. In 2015, the vineyard was awarded for producing “Denmark's Best Red Wine”.  

The vineyard offers wine tasting and you can also go for a walk in the wine fields and experience the work with the wine plants.   

wine and snacks
The local wine production is tested with the view of the vineyards 👌 😋

We are not the only ones who have found their way to Årø and the vineyard this Pentecost. In addition to the many guests, Mikkel Beha has also chosen to pave the way for recordings for "Course against Danish coasts".

Watch this little cozy presentation of the vineyard:

Årø winery
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Activities for the whole family

Enjoy nature with a game of park golf - a 9-hole course, which is a mix between regular golf and miniature golf, using the same club for every beat. Årø Parkgolf is idyllically situated in the beautiful countryside close to the vineyard. It takes approx. 30-40 minutes to play a round and it costs 50 DKK for adults and 25 DKK for children under 15 years.  

At Årø you will also find a lovely nature campsite where the children can relax, and you can enjoy brought food or cook at one of the barbecue areas. Please note that you must bring barbecue charcoal yourself. 

The bird sanctuary on Årø Kalv

Årø Kalv is a 30 ha. large bird sanctuary where you can experience rich wildlife and plant life. The reserve is made up of crocodiles, which are still changing, and you can experience, among other things, breeding waders and galloway cattle.

The reserve is closed from March 1 to July 15 but otherwise it is possible to enjoy an exiting visit to Års Kalv.     

birdwatching tower

Accommodation nearby

You will find various accommodation options on Årø, including Brummers Annex and the island's campsite.

However, we chose to spend the night on the other side of the water. Here lies Gammelbro Campingwhich was named Denmark's Best Campsite 2019.

Frequently asked questions about your visit to Årø

The island is located in Årøsund / Lillebælt, 12 km east of Haderslev in Southern Jutland.

It sails once an hour from the port of Aarøsund, from early morning to evening, and the crossing takes approx. 7-8 minutes. In high season, however, you will often find that the ferry sails in shuttle speed and thus several times an hour.

From June 24 to August 4 it costs 40 DKK per person. Otherwise it costs 20 DKK per person. 

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  1. Beautiful holiday paradise

    Comes about once every year we live at the campsite.
    Is always the whole trip around, the vineyard, their small brewery, the smokehouse, and Brummer's farm. Everything is super cozy.

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