Aarhus Art and Christmas Market

Experience the largest and oldest art and Christmas market in Aarhus!

Aarhus' largest Christmas market can be found in Ridehuset, where it has had a permanent residence for the past 22 years. You will find the location a few minutes' walk from both the railway station and the pedestrian street.

High quality handicrafts!

Handicrafts are central to the Christmas market, and the shelves are full of Danish handicrafts for those of you who are looking for something very special.

Around 80 stands exhibit and sell their unique handicrafts, which both reflect today's trends, but hold fast to the traditional and noble old craftsmanship. It is also a requirement that all items are homemade and of high quality!

New stalls every week!

The Christmas market spans 5 weeks, and every single week there is a change in the many stalls, so you can experience completely new handicrafts from many different artisans.

They each have their own personal and artistic touch, and you are guaranteed to find something completely unique!

Among the many different items, you will also find things that are "customised". This means that they have been given a completely new life, a new look and perhaps also a new function. 


During the entire opening hours of the market, you will also find a lot of different workshops. Here you can learn a little about different types of handicrafts, but with your own hands.

You can e.g. learn how to build and decorate a train track together with TOY2, or learn how to crochet your own hairband together with 'Pind og garn'.

There will be many more activities along the way, and you can find more information on the Christmas market's website, which you will find here

Food and drinks

In the traditional way, you can buy both mulled wine and apple slices at the Christmas market, but there is also the opportunity to buy a freshly buttered sandwich, a piece of freshly baked cake or a cup of coffee while enjoying the lovely Christmas atmosphere.

Opening hours

The market is open from Saturday the 19th. November to Sunday 18 December 2022.

Mon-Fri from 12-6pm.

Sat-Sun from 11am-5pm. 

Admission is free every day.

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Saturday the 19th Nov. - Sunday 18 Dec. Mon-Fri from 12-6pm. Sat-Sun from 11am-5pm.