Aalborg Waterfront

Harbor promenade for delicious walks
Not so terribly many years ago, Aalborg's waterfront consisted mostly of industry and the Nordkraft coal power plant. However, it has been transformed to the extent that today, the waterfront has been transformed into a longer recreational area, connecting delicious restaurants, cultural institutions such as the Music House and Utzon Center with recreational areas such as the Virgin Ane Park, which is packed with events in the summer. and young people grilling. So it is only the old railway sleepers in the ground, a few old silos and then Aalborg Portland on the horizon, which remains as a testimony to the time when the waterfront looked more like coal than culture.

Tips for Aalborg Waterfront

  • If you have good legs, you can benefit from the long walk from the Music House in the center and all the way to Vestre Fjordpark, Aalborg delicious outdoor swimming pool, where you can enjoy the fjord and dip your feet. Along the way, there are good dining options such as Aalborg Street Food and Vestre Bådelaug, and you can enjoy the many sprawling cabins as you pass Fjordbyen (which is somewhat reminiscent of Christiania & #8211; just without the euphoric substances)

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