12% discount: Beach surfing at the North Sea with OurStuff

It's not a lie. The Wadden Sea along the Danish west coast is in good company with the pyramids and the Grand Canyon listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. So get ready for a memorable nature experience and the funnest adrenaline rush of the summer! Sit in the beach surfer, let the wind grab the sail, and feel the rush as you race along the beach on Rømø, while you tame the wind with your sail confidently and to great pleasure. Whether you drive 20 or 50 km/h is up to you. Skilled instructors ensure a safe, fun and fast-paced day on the beach - perhaps together with your friends and family? We offer comfortable and high-performance equipment. After the beach surfing experience, there is an opportunity to borrow beach equipment for free or perhaps a wonderful dip in the waves

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