12% discount: Coffee tasting at Coffee Collective

Are you a true coffee lover and enthusiast? Coffee Collective welcomes you behind the scenes at the coffee roastery in Frederiksberg. Here you will be inspired, entertained and get an idea of how much work goes into the production of quality coffee. You will learn more about what affects the taste of coffee, such as the variety, cultivation conditions, production methods, roasting and brewing, and also how all those factors affect the taste experience and aromas in the coffee. And then, of course, a number of different coffees must be tasted in season in the form of a cupping. Cupping is a recognized method of tasting coffee, where you compare coffee flavors and identify aromas in the coffee. You may experience fruitiness and tartness in some of the cups, while you will get a sweeter and chocolatey sensation in others. Coffee has enormous taste potential and you will experience that on this coffee course.

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