12% discount: Europe's highest HALO tandem jump at Dropzone Denmark

It's going to be wild, an experience of a lifetime, and it's certainly not everyone who dares to jump in. Dropzone Denmark invites you to an exclusive event where you can try Europe's highest HALO tandem jump. The tandem jump takes place 7,600 meters (25,000 feet) in the air and gives you a full 2 minutes of free fall before the parachute deploys. The team that will take you to the heights is led by Paul-Henry de Baère. Paul-Henry de Baère can write Professional Skydiver and HALO Jumps Specialist on his CV, as well as the title of record holder for the world's highest parachute landing at 6,145 meters on the mountain Baruntse in Nepal. In other words: You are in good hands. The event is only running for 3 days in 2023 with limited places, so this is your ultimate chance to try something not everyone can boast. Want to jump in?

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