Free coffee at Bønkels

As a member of KlubDanmark, you get access to a lot of benefits from unique experiences in Denmark. One of those experiences is Bønkels in Aalborg. If you do not already know Bønkels for their excellent sandwiches and open sandwiches, then you have something to look forward to! The secret is their home-baked sourdough bread, which lifts both sandwiches and open sandwiches to heights that make us at OpdagDanmark have Bønkels as Aalborg's best sandwich. Bønkels is pure takeaway, so bring your sandwich down to the harbor or in Kildeparken. The recipe for an excellent lunch in Aalborg.

As a member of KlubDanmark, you get a free coffee when you buy food at Bønkels. Simply press the redeem button below when you are at Bønkels' and show the screen to the clerk.