Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor

List and map of the best ice cream parlors and kiosks in Denmark. Here the queues can be long, but there is often a reason for & #8230;

The summer sun shines from a cloudless sky, Dannebrog sways in the wind and people hurry to beaches and lakes to cool down. When the heat is really strong, long queues at ice cream parlors are probably like the church amen, but where do you actually find Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor today?

Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor

Every year we elect Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor, so you can see what places are worth visiting when the need for cool ice cream is at its greatest. Vote for your favorite and see past winners.


Since there were almost 100 ice cream parlors in the poll in 2018, we have chosen to run preliminary regional polls in 2019. The winners of each of the 5 regions as well as the next 5 with the most votes at national level advance to the final.


  • Through March 25: Nomination
  • March 26 8 AM to April 11 12 PM: Regional polls
  • April 12 8 AM to April 23 12 PM: Final of the voting on Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor among the 5 regional winners as well as the 5 runner ups with the most votes.

See the rules and terms for our polls here.


After some really exciting regional polls, we've found the 10 finalists of the year. From April 12 at 2 p.m. 8 a.m. to April 23, 7 p.m. At 12 noon you can cast one vote on the ice house that you think will be Denmark's Best Ice House 2019.

UPDATE 15/4: There has been some confusion about how many times you can vote in the finals. The answer is as above & #8211; you can only cast 1 vote per phone number.

Find the code code on the ice house you want to cast your vote (the ice houses have the same code as in the regional polls). SMS code to 92 45 24 04 (on mobile phone simply press & #8216; Send SMS & #8217;). It costs only ordinary. SMS tariff.

Congratulations to:

- Fru Dax on Rømø
Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor 2019


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See the winners and all participants from the different regions using the buttons below:

North Jutland

Middle Jutland

South Jutland




A total of 57,742 votes (!) were submitted this year, and the top 10 ended as follows:

  1. Guf & Kugler in Nibe
  2. Ismageriet at Amager
  3. Vaffelhjørnet in Hundested
  4. Vaffelhuset in Kerteminde
  5. Ismageriet in Søborg
  6. Det Blå Ishus in Tversted
  7. Fjellerup Vaffelbageri on Djursland
  8. Lydolphs Isbar in Ringsted
  9. Isvaflen in Ribe
  10. Is Kompagniet in Løkken

See the full list of all the ice cream parlors here or see the map of the places that got more than 250 votes further down the page.

Guts & Bullets
Ismutter and Søster Guf receives the diploma when they opened their new shop Guf & Kugler in Aalborg.

Winner in 2017

We have asked the followers of OpdagDanmark's Facebook page, where you will find the best ice cream parlor in 2017. We have reached over 50,000 Danes and with over 2,000 votes we are now ready to give you the answer.
Top 3 of the country's best places to buy ice cream in 2017:

  1. Det Blå Ishus in Tversted
  2. Guf & Kugler in Nibe
  3. Vaffelhuset in Kerteminde

Big congratulations to the winners
Notable runners-up: Vebbestrup Ice Cream, Fjellerup Waffle Bakery, Ismageriet Amager
the-blue-icehouseThe Premier Ice Cream Flag waves over Det Blå Ishus in Tversted, which with the majority of 2.000 votes can call itself Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor 2017.

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