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Experiences in Viborg

Viborg offers a wealth of experiences for the whole family, and you have the opportunity to experience magnificent nature, exuberant culture and historical attractions. 

Explore the city of Central Jutland - and come home with a backpack full of wonderful memories. 

The biggest event of the summer 

Experience Snapsting in Viborg

Snapsting is a 10-day cultural festival in Viborg, which is based on old traditions. The events consist of a fantastic mix of culture, concerts, sports, games and parties for both young and old. 

The original Snapsting in Viborg is actually a tradition dating back to the 15th century, and it existed for a full 400 years. At that time, the city was the capital of Denmark, and people flocked to the city from near and far to be part of the folk festival. 

Read more about the cultural festival and the packed program below. 

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Free activity for the family

Explore Hald Lake

Hald Lake is one of Denmark's cleanest and deepest lakes, and it is located in the scenic Dollerup Hills. The hilly landscape offers a wealth of fantastic hiking trails, which lead you through both oak forest, heath plantations, Stanghede and agricultural areas. 

You can also explore the area's dramatic history of the leading noble families dating back to around the 14th century. You can see ruins from the nobility's heyday in the area around the lake. 

Nature experience for young and old 

Explore Mønsted Kalkgruber

Visit the world's largest limestone mine in Mønsted just outside Viborg! The limestone mine offers an endless labyrinth of mine tunnels with huge caves and narrow passages. There are a total of 60 km of underground passages, but it is only possible for visitors to explore 2 km of these. 

You can experience a light show in the underground cinema by the lime mine's largest lake. The light show is shown once an hour, and the show tells the story of the place - both a beautiful and educational experience. 

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Museum experience for the whole family 

Visit the Energy Museum

Make your way past Denmark's experience and dissemination center for energy, which disseminates knowledge about energy and the green transition, so that the whole family can understand it. Musset is beautifully situated by the river Gudenåen and Tange Sø, which actually contributes to the place's production of renewable energy. 

Explore the museum's seven different buildings, all of which contain challenging activities and exciting knowledge. 

Read more about the Energy Museum, upcoming events and activities below.

See the city from the sea side 

Take a trip with Margrethebåden

On a trip with Margrethebåden on both Nørresø and Søndersø, you can experience the old capital from a whole new angle. From the boat you can experience beautiful nature, beautiful houses and a fantastic view of Viborg from the sea side. 

The trip lasts about an hour, and it starts and ends at the Golf Salon - where after the trip you can enjoy the tempting cake table or try one of their delicious lunch dishes. 

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Nature experience for young and old

Take the family to the World Map

Explore the whole of Africa in just a few minutes or jump from continent to continent around the world - it sounds pretty incredible, but it can actually be done when you visit the World Map in Klejtrup a little outside Viborg. 

You can experience the entire world map with lakes, rivers and mountain ranges in miniature in scenic surroundings. You can enjoy the packed lunch in the green areas or have lunch in the Glass Pavilion. 

Historic attraction for the whole family

Viborg Cathedral

Viborg Cathedral beautifully adorns the cityscape in the Central Jutland city, which since 1060 has had the status of a cathedral city. The oldest part of the church can almost be dated back to the year 1060, and the church is therefore something of a historical pocket of time. The church contains an incredible amount of history, and has over time been of great importance to both Viborg and all of Denmark. 

Explore the church's many stories - and be taken back in time in the beautiful setting in and around the church.

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Cultural-historical experience

Kongenshus Hede

Kongenshus Hede is one of Denmark's largest contiguous heathland areas, the scenic area extends as far as the eye can see. You can dive into the area's cultural history in Kongenshus Memorial Park, where 300 memorial stones have been set in honor of the farmers who were responsible for cultivating the heath in its time. 

Get our guide to the scenic area below. 

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