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Tastes and eateries in Thy

Are you in doubt about where to find the best burger, the best fish fillet or the best places to eat in Thy?

Below you will find our recommendations and tips for the best places to eat and taste in Thy.

Cozy cafe with good views

Café Salto

Located in the new glass houses at Thisted harbor is Café Salto. Here you can enjoy everything from classic café dishes to culinary specialties - all the while enjoying the beautiful views of the harbor and the Limfjord.

© Thy Tourist Association

© Det Gamle Røgeri

Gastronomic experience in Hanstholm

Det Gamle Røgeri in Hanstholm

At the Gamle Røgeri in Hanstholm, fresh fish is smoked over beech firewood, which gives the fish a very special taste. 

Whether you are looking for delicious local delicacies, a good lunch or food for the big party, Det Gamle Røgeri is just the place.

Rumor has it that Det Gamle Røgeri in Hanstholm has Denmark's best smoke products - Take a peek and see for yourself if it's true.

World class fish

The fishing house in Thisted

Fiskehuset in Thisted is both a restaurant and a fish shop in one. The atmosphere is unpretentious and the quality is top notch - Only the best and freshest fish is good enough.

Whether you are looking for a delicious shooting star, a round of fish and chips or a sumptuous seafood buffet, Fiskehuset in Thisted can handle it all.

© Thy Tourist Association

North Jutland's best burger 2020

JOMA Burgerbar

In 2020, we set out to find the best burger in North Jutland. therefore, we launched a vote for this purpose. Here went the beautiful second place to JOMA Burgerbar, which is located in Thisted.

Below you can read more about the poll and see the other winners.

Food In Nature

Naturmad Thy

Natural food Thy is a taste experience beyond the usual. Here you can join guided tours where you collect the seasonal herbs, mushrooms and berries.

Various natural food events are also held during the summer, where the food is made from nature's foods and local ingredients from Thy.

© Thy Tourist Association

© Restaurant Bryggen

Delicious food with room for everyone

Restaurant Bryggen

At restaurant Bryggen at Thisted harbor, the focus is on the food and the social. The goal is that there should be room for everyone, whatever you are looking for a draft beer or a good round of food. 

Thy Eco Is

Are you looking for a delicious round of ice cream? Then you should make your way past Nedergård Organic Farm Shop, where you can get Thy Organic Ice Cream. 

Thy Organic Ice Cream is an old farm where organic ice cream is now produced, which is sold from the small cozy farm shop.

© Thy Eco Is

© Conrad's Kitchen

North Jutland food truck 

Conrad's Kitchen

At Conrad's Kitchen, which is located in Klitmøller, the goal is always to offer their guests the best experience! Whether it is everyday or a party whether you come in a tuxedo or rain jacket - you are welcome. 

Here you can enjoy a delicious meal, a good glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee, while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.

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