Experiences in Thy 2023

Thy offers experiences for both young and old, and therefore it is an obvious holiday destination for the whole family. The raw nature on Jutland's west coast guarantees memorable nature experiences - Thy has much more to offer than just the breathtaking nature.

We have compiled an overview of the best and most interesting experiences in Thy.

Nature experience 

Experience Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld

Visit one of Denmark's only bird cliffs at Bulbjerg in Thy - and experience the fantastic nature that surrounds Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld. In addition to the bird mountain, you can experience a lot of other things in the area!

Get a guide of Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld and the attractions in the area. 

© Ice art

Breathtaking Museum

The art of ice

In the middle of Thyborøn is the very special museum - Iskunsten. Here you can experience the breathtaking ice sculptures come to life with the help of an interaction between light and ice.

You can be inspired when you move around the museum, so you can carve your own sculptures and see them come to life.

Taste experiences

The chocolate basket

The chocolate basket in Thisted has long been known for their chocolate and cream buns, but in 2023 they have become known for one more thing – homemade ice cream. Here they got a distinguished 2nd place in our vote for Denmark's Best Ice Houses.

If you haven't yet tasted their ice cream, just stop by.

© VisitThy

Free activity for both young and old

The bunker museum Bulbjerg

Right next to the west coast of Jutland by Bulbjerg is a small free bunker museum. Here you can experience war memorials from World War II. At the small museum you can experience old crew bunkers, concrete foundations for machine gun positions and concrete roads.

The museum is open during the day and is an ideal activity for the whole family.

Main attraction for the whole family 

Lodbjerg Lighthouse

In the middle of the impressive nature in Thy National Park is Lodbjerg Lighthouse, from where you can experience a breathtaking view. 

During World War II, an attempt was made to dig a tunnel from the lighthouse to a bunker at the back of the lighthouse, and therefore the 35 meter high lighthouse to this day is a little crooked.

© Kristian Amby

© Kystcenteret Thyborøn

Attraction for the whole family

The Coastal Center

The Coastal Center is just the place for children and playful souls! Here you can experiment with wind, water and weather and with a guarantee get one on the experience. 

If you are looking for an activating experience for the whole family, this experience center is just the thing for you.

Active experience in the wave blue

Cold Hawaii

If you are looking for an experience that gives adrenaline in your blood, then you must stop by Cold Hawaii in Klitmøller. 

The wild and rushing North Sea creates good conditions for surfing, which makes Klitmøller one of Europe's best surf spots. Regardless age and level you get an experience for life in the wild waves.

© Mette Johnsen

Troll hunting 

Ash from Ashøj

In the forest at Hurup in Thy hides one of Thomas Dambo's popular giant trolls. The treasure hunt is for all ages, so it is an obvious opportunity to take the whole family out into Thy's beautiful nature!

Below you will find a map that will hopefully make it a little easier to find the big troll.

Main attraction for the whole family

Jyllandsakvariet in Thyborøn

At Jyllandsakvariet in Thyborøn you can get up close to all the exciting fish that live in both the North Sea and the Limfjord. The place is equipped with various mixing basins, where on certain days you can also help to feed the many fish in the basins.

If you would rather experience the nature around beautiful Thyborøn, you can just hop on board the local tractor bus, where you can go on an oyster, seal or amber safari.

© Thy Tourist Association

© Mette Johnsen

Nature experience

Oh So Quiet

If you want a very special nature experience, a trip with Oh So Quiet is without a doubt a must. Here you do not have to worry about anything other than just enjoying the beautiful nature. 

Oh So Quiet has planned a wealth of different beautiful hiking routes, accommodation and food on the trip, so you can turn your mind off completely.

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