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Experiences in Silkeborg 2023

Are you on holiday in the open air? Then Silkeborg is the ideal destination for you next holiday, because the city is the whole of Denmark's Outdoor Capital for both large and small. 

The city offers a wealth of experiences in nature - We have compiled a guide to the best experiences that the city has to offer. 

Main attraction for the whole family 

Stand on top of Himmelbjerget

Himmelbjerget is one of Denmark's highest points, and the place offers a fantastic view of the Søhøjlandet. Take the family under your arm and pack the packed lunch or enjoy a delicious meal at Hotel Himmelbjerget - and experience the scenic area together. 

Get a guide to Himmelbjerget below.

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An experience on the water 

Enjoy a ride on the world's oldest wheeled steamer

Hjejlen in Silkeborg is the world's oldest original coal - fired wheel steamer, which is still in operation. Throughout the summer, Hjejlen and other tour boats sail from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget and then on to the station town Laven, giving you the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature in Silkeborg from a whole new angle.  

You can read more about the boats and get an overview of the sailing schedule for 2021 below. 

Nature experience for the whole family 

Explore Silkeborg Eagle Reserve, Raptor Show and Bison Farm

At Silkeborg Eagle Reserve you can experience the majestic eagles, falcons, fast hawks and clever owls up close in their bird of prey show - As something quite unique, you have the opportunity to have the big animals sitting on your arm. 

Read more about the bird of prey show and the many other activities that the eagle reserve offers below.

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Troll hunting in nature 

Find Strong Storm in Silkeborg

Did you know that one of the rather popular trolls by Thomas Dambo is hiding in Silkeborg? Explore the area by Ørnsø, and see if you are lucky enough to meet Stærke Storm on your way - at least he is not moving just yet. 

Free nature experience

Take a walk on Trækstien

The hiking trail is a 70-kilometer-long trail that follows Denmark's only river, the Gudenåen river, through the landscape. The trail can of course be divided into smaller routes if you do not have the courage to walk 70 kilometers - or do not feel like too sore feet the rest of the holiday. 

Get a guide on the Traction Trail and the many hiking, biking, and canoeing opportunities below. 

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Historic attraction 

Take a ride with Veteranbanen Bryup - Vrads

Experience a piece of Denmark's history at Veteranbanen. You will be transported on board one of the charming trains through the beautiful landscape between Byrup and Vrads. 

Read more about Veteranbanen, the trains and departure times below. 


Experience the Riverboat Jazz Festival

Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg started back in 1966, and is today one of northern Europe's largest jazz festivals for classical jazz - The festival offers five days with more than 70 different orchestras and soloists, performing for over 50,000 fans. 

The Riverboat Jazz Festival is definitely worth a visit! Read more about where and when the festival is held below. 

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