Events in Silkeborg 2024

There is a wealth of events in Silkeborg, and here we list some of the best events in the city.

Denmark's Outdoor Capital offers experiences for the whole family all year round. 

Silkeborg Regatta

We have to go all the way back to 1899 to trace the start of the Silkeborg Regatta. For the Regatta, Silkeborg will be decorated for parties and events, with colored lamps and torches. There will be a multitude of experiences put in place, so that the city can gather for a big folk festival, and there will be music stages with exciting artists, wonderful food stalls and illuminated boats. 

Water, light and fire are the focus of the Regatta. There will therefore also be a fantastic fireworks show!

© Silkeborg Regatta

© Festival Of Wonder

Festival Of Wonder

You can experience over 100 different events with theaters from Denmark, Norway, France, the USA, Israel, England, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

The Puppet Theater Festival is one of Europe's leading and most significant theater festivals within puppetry, animation and visual theatre, and takes place every other year in Silkeborg. 

Denmark's Outdoor Festival

In Silkeborg you can experience Denmark's Outdoor Festival. Here there will be activities on land, water, and in the air, with both cable cars, paddleboard on the lake, yoga and much more. The event aims to promote the joy of nature experiences and movement, and therefore contains a wealth of activities for the whole family!

© Danmarks Outdoor Festival

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