Experiences at Lolland-Falster 2024

Lolland-Falster offers a wealth of experiences for the whole family - you can both experience the fantastic nature that unfolds on the islands, or go on safari and get really close to the animals. 

We have compiled an overview of the best experiences that you can find on the islands. 

Travel back in time 

Visit the Medieval Center

Play, learn and explore at the Medieval Center at Lolland-Falster. You will be thrown straight back to the year 1411. You can also visit Denmark's only medieval restaurant "The Golden Swan" when you feel hungry. Read more about the Medieval Center, opening times and events below.

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Øhop in the waters of Småland

Visit Hideaway Vingård on Fejø

Take a trip past charming Fejø, which offers a lot of local specialties, and one climate that is ideal for growing Danish wine. 

Read more about the island, what experiences you have in store and where to go when hunger strikes.

Free must-visit


The Dodecalite - also called "Denmark's Stonehenge" - on Lolland is a work of art consisting of large stone sculptures beautifully located at Kragenæs in the "Lollandske Alper".

The stone sculptures face the center in a circle of approx. 40 diameter and is additionally accompanied by electroacoustic during the daytime. It is a must visit when you are in Zealand.

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Unique nature experience 

Experience Møns Klint

On Møn, an island east of Lolland-Falster, you can experience Møns Klint. The popular excursion destination is packed with experiences for the whole family, which take place at sea, on land and in the air.

Read more about the natural pearl and what you can experience there below. 

Attraction for children and childish souls 

Get loose in Lalandia

Take the family under your arm and let go of your inner child in Lalandia in Rødby, where you can unfold in the Aquadome, Monky Tonky Land, on the ice rink, the ski slope and the bowling alley - in other words, you will not get bored. 

© Lalandia

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Øhop in Smålandsfarvandet

Visit Denmark's largest tree

In the forest around Corselitze Gods you will find Valdemarsegen, Denmark's largest tree.

Go for a walk in the woods, which hide several exciting experiences and combine it with a walk in the Corselitze Garden.

Main attraction for the whole family 

Explore Knuthenborg Safari Park

Explore northern Europe's largest safari park - where a lot of exciting animals and a wealth of experiences for both young and old await you. 

Read more about the park, opening hours and activities below. 

© Knuthenborg Safari Park

© Femø Kro

Øhop in Smålandsfarvandet

Take a trip to Femø

Femø is located in Smålandsfarvandet north of Lolland, and is a scenic little island with an exciting history behind it. 

Read more about this story and see our guide to beautiful Femø below.  

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