Experiences in Lønstrup 2023

In Lønstrup, there are opportunities for a number of cozy sights in and around the city. The famous Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, for example, is located just outside the city, which is one of the most popular attractions in Lønstrup.

We have compiled a guide to the best experiences in and around Lønstrup - here you can see which places you should not miss on your visit to the city. 

Unique nature experience 

Explore Rubjerg Knude

Between Løkken and Lønstrup you will find one of Denmark's largest landmarks, Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. A place just to be experienced! The rather well-known lighthouse stands in the middle of the barren and rugged North Jutland nature, and was a few years ago about to fall into the violent North Sea - However, it was decided to move the lighthouse, which turned out to be something that you not just just do. 

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walking trails

Experience the Kløverstierne in Lønstrup

From Lønstrup Turistbureau four different walking routes of different lengths depart. With our digital map, you can easily follow the routes and get stories about Lønstrup along the way.

The art city 

Visit the town's potters and artisans

Lønstrup is the city in Denmark that has the most potters in the fewest number of square kilometers. Throughout the city, and especially concentrated around Rubjergvej, you will find a multitude of artisans and potters. See their open workshops and buy a souvenir to take home.

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Main attraction for the whole family 

Visit Fårup Sommerland

Regardless of whether you are traveling alone or have the children under your arm, Fårup Sommerland is the ultimate place if you want a fun experience in cozy surroundings. Sommerlandet has even been voted Europe's Best Amusement Park in 2021 and 2022!

Breathtaking attraction in historic surroundings 

Be captivated by Børglum Kloster

Explore the historic and beautiful Børglum Monastery just outside Lønstrup. The monastery offers a wealth of exhibitions, events and experiences for the whole family all year round - And if you think the monastery looks familiar, it's because it is. In 2011, Børglum Kloster formed the framework for the Christmas calendar Ludvig og Julemanden. 

Read more about the monastery's history, upcoming events and current exhibitions below. 

© Børglum Kloster

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Nature experience for the little ones 

Get close to the animals in Family Fun Park

Between Løkken and Lønstrup you can find Family Fun Park, which is a visitor farm that functions as a wonderful adventure park with animals for the smallest of the family members.

Free city walk for the whole family

Take a free city walk

Come with Allan Normann Sørensen on a city walk in Lønstrup, and hear his vivid stories about, among other things, the mooring, the natural disaster, the brook smell and much more - A unique insight that you should not miss.

Every Thursday during the schools' summer holidays, you can come on this free city walk. The participants meet in front of the Rescue House at the berth at 10:30 in Lønstrup. 

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