Eating places in Løkken 2024

Løkken offers a wealth of exciting restaurants and tasting experiences. Explore the local farm shops and food producers.

We have compiled a guide to the best restaurants and tasting experiences that you can find in and around Løkken. 

Local taste experience for the adults

Eat at Løkken Brewery

If you are in Løkken and would like to taste the local, then you should pass Løkken Bryghus - The food is delicious and the beer 'løkkendarisk', as they say. You can explore the many different specialty beers that the brewery itself produces, and find your very own favorite. 

Read more about Løkken Bryghus, their many different special beers and upcoming events below. 

© Løkken Bryghus

Atmospheric restaurant 

Huset Havs | Shop & Madhus

Huset Havs is a relatively new restaurant in Løkken, but despite this, the restaurant has already become popular with locals and visitors. The decor is cozy, the food is wonderful and of course local specialty beers are served. 

The restaurant is only a few meters from the beach, so you will certainly not be fooled by the name. See the menu, upcoming events and opening hours below.

Farm shop | Local producer

Lophave Hereford

If you want quality meat on the table, then you should take a trip a little north of Løkken to Lophave Hereford. At the farm shop you can buy local and tasty meat - and if in doubt, just ask the top restaurants in North Jutland, where they get their meat from.

Explore the cozy farm shop, which offers a delicious selection of different specialties. The farm shop is beautifully situated in the nature of North Jutland, and is therefore a wonderful nature experience, where you can see where the quality meat comes from. 

© Wizion

Traditional Danish food experience 

Restaurant Løkken Badehotel

At Restaurant Løkken Badehotel you can get an authentic experience of traditional Danish food, which is prepared from local ingredients and freshly caught fish in the historic surroundings that surround the restaurant. 

Read more about the restaurant, see the menu and opening hours below. 

Italian taste experience in North Jutland 

The Ice Company

The ice cream company offers freshly made Italian gelato made from colostrum from grazing outdoor queues on Vrejlev Kloster, classic soft ice cream made from cream from the local Ingstrup Dairy, quality coffee and local specialties. 

It is almost impossible to get past the small ice house in Løkken empty-handed, because the many different kinds of gelato and sorbet, which are made in true Italian traditions, are simply too tempting! 

© Iskompagniet

© North Shore Surf 

Taste experience in the local environment

North Shore Surf

At North Shore Surf you can enjoy everything from local beers and ice cream to freshly made Fish and Chips all the way down to the vibrant North Sea, where surfers whiz past on the sometimes quite large waves. 

Get an insight into the local surfing environment and be put to warmer skies in the beautiful surroundings of North Shore Surf. 

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