Experiences in Løkken 2023

Løkken offers a wealth of exciting experiences for both young and old - typically the beautiful North Jutland nature forms the framework for these, and it is therefore a real pleasure to explore Løkken. 

We have compiled a guide to the best attractions in and around Løkken - here you can see which places you should not miss on your visit to the city. 

Main attraction for the whole family 

Visit Fårup Sommerland

Whether you are away alone or have the children under your arm, Fårup Sommerland is the ultimate place if you want a fun experience in cozy surroundings. Pack a good packed lunch or go exploring in the many different restaurants located in Sommerlandet. 

See our guide to the North Jutland summer country. 

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Unique nature experience 

Explore Rubjerg Knude

Between Løkken and Lønstrup you will find one of Denmark's largest landmarks, Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. A place just to be experienced! The rather well-known lighthouse stands in the middle of the barren and rugged North Jutland nature, and was a few years ago about to fall into the violent North Sea - However, it was decided to move the lighthouse, which turned out to be something that you not just just do. 

Read more about Rubjerg Knude, the lighthouse and the dramatic story below. 

A monastery from the Middle Ages

Be captivated by Børglum Monastery

Explore the historic and beautiful Børglum Monastery just outside Løkken. The monastery offers a wealth of exhibitions, events and experiences for the whole family all year round - And if you think the monastery looks familiar, it's because it is. In 2011, Børglum Kloster formed the framework for the Christmas calendar Ludvig og Julemanden. 

Read more about the monastery's history, upcoming events and current exhibitions below. 

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© Bolcheriet

Delicacies for the whole family 

Learn how to make sweets at Bolcheriet

Find your way with the seductive scent of delicacies to the Bolcheriet in Løkken. In Bolcheriet, both young and old are involved in the production of sweets, and the whole process that it takes to make the little sweet temptations. 

You can buy homemade sweets to take home in the adjoining shop, which offers all sorts of different sweets for every occasion. 

Iconic landmark for Løkken 

Walk between the bathing houses on Løkken Strand

It almost gives itself - no visit to Løkken without a walk on the beach and down past the iconic bathhouses. The bathhouses have been a fixture in the summer on Løkken Strand since 1925, and they therefore create a genuine North Jutland summer atmosphere. 

The bathhouses are privately owned, and it is therefore not possible to rent one of the iconic houses as a visitor - however, the spectacular view is definitely worth a visit! 

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Nature experience for the little ones 

Get close to the animals in Family Fun Park

A little outside Løkken you can find Family Fun Park, which is a visitor farm that functions as a wonderful adventure park with animals for the smallest of the family members. 

In Family Fun Park, they focus on giving you visitors a close and fun contact with tame and child-friendly animals who want to be petted, fed and played with - so you can safely take the family under your arm and enjoy a day in the sun with the animals. 

Local experience for the whole family 

Get a whiff in your stomach at North Shore Surf

North Shore Surf is much more than a beach cafe. The place creates life on Løkken Strand all year round for both young and old. At North Shore Surf you can enjoy outdoor wellness in their wonderful facilities, take a course in either surf or SUP board or just watch the local surfers whiz around on the sometimes big waves in the North Sea. 

The place offers a wealth of experiences for the whole family, and the atmosphere at the beach cafe sends you towards warmer skies. 

© North Shore Surf 

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