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Eating places at Langeland 2023

Langeland has many exciting restaurants to offer, and it is everything from gourmet restaurants and culinary experiences to the local smokehouse and ice house.

Here we come with some of our ideas and tips for dining on Langeland.

Inn experience

Restaurant Bagenkop Kro

Restaurant Bagenkop Kro is known for their fish buffet. The buffet is served every day at 6 pm and on weekends it is also possible to have frying dishes.

In the fish buffet you can, for example, get crayfish bisque, pan-fried fish fillets and hot smoked salmon with birch & spice.

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The orangery

Café Orangeriet

In Café Orangeriet, the quality of the raw materials is paramount and here you can taste everything from organic coffee and ice cream to tapas and fish dishes. In connection with a visit to Café Orangeriet, you can drive a little further down the road and see Tranekær Castle and castle park, and thereby get two wonderful experiences at the same time.

Experience the atmosphere in Tranekær Castle's old stable building

Restaurant Generalen

Restaurant Generalen is located in Tranekær Castle's old stable building, and here Danish / French food is served with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. The restaurant offers both products from well-chosen suppliers and its own production, such as spiced sausage, beer and wine.

You can both enjoy your dinner inside the historic stable building or outside on the beautiful terrace just below Tranekær Castle.

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© Restaurant KAOS

Culinary dining experience

Restaurant KAOS

At Restaurant KAOS you are offered a culinary dining experience where the guest is in focus. The restaurant's menu is renewed every week, using seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant has a slogan that reads "Quality time creates memories" and the owners of the restaurant therefore strive to give their guests memories and space and peace for the quality time. 

Taste fresh seafood at Rudkøbing harbor

Rudkøbing Fisk og Røgeri

At Rudkøbing harbor you can find Rudkøbing Fish and Smokehouse, and here you can always get hot smoked products, mackerel, salmon and much more. The products sold here comes directly from the local fishing cutters, so this is where you should go if you want to taste delicious fresh fish.

© Rudkøbing Fisk og Røgeri

© ️ The Waffle House Rudkøbing

Funen and the islands' best ice house in 2021

The Waffle House Rudkøbing

You should without a doubt pass Vaffelhuset Rudkøbing if your delicious hunger strikes. The shop has just been named Funen and the islands' best ice house in 2021. Here the waffles are made from scratch and the homemade guf is made from an old recipe that has been used for many generations.

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