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Overnight at Langeland 2023

There are virtually no accommodation options that Langeland cannot offer. Here are both glamping, campsites, cottage rentals, cabins, hotels, inns and much more.

We come here with some tips for accommodation on Langeland.

Hotel experience

Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn

The hotel is, as the name suggests, located right by Rudkøbing harbor, and here is therefore a nice atmosphere and a beautiful view.

It only takes 10 minutes to walk to Rudkøbing center from the hotel, and it is therefore ideal for you who want to be close to restaurants, shopping and experiences in Langeland's largest city.

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Stay on an estate

Skrøbelev Gods

Skrøbelev Estate was built in 1669 and although it has been renovated and is now considered a luxury hotel, the cozy atmosphere and history have certainly not disappeared. A stay right here is perfect for the couple who wants a romantic getaway.

Denmark's first Glamping camp

Tiki Camp

Tiki Camp was the first place in Denmark to embark on the glamping adventure. The owners say that Tiki Camp puts cosiness in focus and that they want the guest here to have a good connection to nature and to themselves. Tiki Camp is therefore the ideal accommodation option for you who need to get out into nature, away from everyday life, and calm down completely.

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© ️ Færgegårdens Camping Spodsbjerg

Langeland's oldest campsite

Færgegårdens Camping Spodsbjerg

There have been campers at Færgegårdens Camping Spodsbjerg Campingplads since 1950 and since then both cabins, holiday apartments and bed and breakfasts have been built on the site.

There are also plenty of activities on site, as you have the opportunity to rent bikes, go fishing, play mini golf, disc golf and much more.

Luxurious glamping adventure

Ristinge Glamping

In addition to the very beautiful and spacious glamping tents at Ristinge Glamping, the place also has a fantastic location. You live right next to a lake where you can fish or go sailing. You are also close to Ristinge Klint, which is a lovely nature area where you can go for walks and enjoy the tranquility and the fresh coastal air.

The tents are decorated in a retro style and contain a refrigerator, kettle, hob and of course sleeping accommodation. Therefore, Ristinge Glamping is perfect for you who want to sleep in nature, but at the same time also enjoy that things are in order and that you do not have to think about anything practical on your holiday. Toilet and bathing facilities can be found on the campsite not far away.

© ️ Ristinge Glamping

© ️ Holiday park Langeland Emmerbølle

Campsite full of opportunities and activities

Holiday park Langeland Emmerbølle

If you choose to visit Feriepark Langeland Emmerbølle, then you can choose whether you want an active or a relaxed holiday. The campsite has something for everyone. The active family can choose from cycling, sea kayaking, kitesurfing, swimming, tennis and much more. There is also a pool, football pitches, mini golf etc. on the site, and there are therefore many opportunities for young and old.

If you want a more relaxed getaway, then you can relax on the square or take a wonderful walk down to the water which is a few minutes walk from Holiday Park Langeland Emmerbølle.

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