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Experiences at Langeland 2023

Take a trip to Langeland and enjoy the beautiful nature, the fresh air on the many beaches, the many museums and beautiful buildings or take a good shopping trip in the island's largest city. There is something for everyone on this lovely island.

We give you here the best tips and recommendations for some exciting experiences on Langeland, so it will be easier for you to plan your getaway to the island. 

Langeland's largest city


Rudkøbing is Langeland's largest city and is definitely worth a visit. You can take a walk around the cozy cobbled streets, take a stroll down to the marina or look into the many specialty shops that the city has to offer.

The city also houses experiences such as Langelands Museum, Rudkøbing Bymølle and HC Ørsted Udstilling. 

The inhabitants of Rudkøbing are very proud of the former resident HC Ørsted. He was the discoverer of electromagnetism back in 1820, and in 1825 he succeeded in developing a method for extracting aluminum. There is therefore a statue of the professor in the city and you can also visit the HC Ørsted Exhibition where you can hear and read about his life and discoveries.

© ️ Turist- Og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

© ️ Morten Gaustad

Historical experiences

Langdyssen Kong Humbles Grav

If you are interested in history and especially the Stone Age, then you should go out and experience some of the island's many ancient relics. It could, for example, be some of the many stone dolmens and burial chambers.

Langeland is actually the place in the world with the most stone dolmens per. km2. They can be found everywhere on the island, and tell a story of the times that once were.

Langdyssen Kong Humbles Grav is the most famous of them all, and here are 77 curbs. The area with the curbs measures 55 meters in length and 8 meters in width. The owner of the land, farm owner P. Chr. Jørgensen, has agreed to make the area public, so that visitors can come and see the beautiful ancient monument.

In addition to Langdyssen King Humble's Grave, there are also Bjerrebygaard Langdysse, Langdysse by Helletofte and Langdysse in Karskov. There are also several burial chambers, such as Jættestuekammer in Kinderballe, Jættestuen Myrebjerg and Jættestuen Andemosehøj. All these places could be an exciting visit for the tourist interested in history.

Castle visits and nature experience

Tranekær Castle

The castle can be dated all the way back to the 13th century but some believe that it was actually built earlier than that. It is the house in Denmark that has been inhabited for the longest number of years and it therefore has a very special history.

The castle is currently inhabited by Countess Mette Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and Count Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig who live here with their six children. The castle was restored in 1948-49 and it is possible to book a wonderful castle stay on the site while there is also the possibility of accommodation in nice holiday homes not far from the castle.

In addition to visiting and seeing the beautiful castle, you can walk a 2 km route through Tranekær Castle Park, which offers exciting international exhibitions and works. The purpose of these works is to unite with nature in a very special way.

© ️ Langist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

© ️ Turist- Og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

Museum experiences

Cold War Museum Langelandsfort

Langelandsfortet was built as far back as the 1950s. The fort was built with cannons, underground bunkers and air defense posts. During the Cold War, it was important to be able to keep an eye on the Warsaw Pact's aircraft and naval activities, and this was done from Langelandsfortet. Today it is a museum, with stories and tales from that time.

At the museum you can see both a MIG-23 fighter jet, a minesweeper, a submarine and a complete section of the Berlin Wall. These experiences take place both underground and above ground, which makes it a very special experience for visitors.

The Cold War Museum is not the only exciting museum on Langeland. You can also visit Fiskeriets Hus, which contains the history of fishing, or Langelands Museum, where you can see and read about ancient finds from Langeland and Strynø.

Nature in focus


If you want to get out into the raw nature, then the peninsula Ristinge is a good offer. Here you have the island's best bathing beach and cliff. 

The beach is 10 km long and it is therefore ideal to take a walk on the beach and enjoy the smell of sea and at the same time maybe get a glimpse of the many bird species in the area. 

The cliff stretches over 2 km and in some places the cliff is up to 30 meters high. Here you can get a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea. 

© ️ Turist- Og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

© ️ Turist- Og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

A trip out into the open

The Wild Horses

On Langeland you can experience wild horses. The wild horses live in enclosures, but the enclosures are enormous at the same time as the horses are allowed to live their own lives without getting to the stable or getting feed - and it is therefore possible to refer to it as wild horses. 

Visitors are free to enter the enclosures and be allowed to experience the wild horses up close.

Cosiness at Bagenkop harbor

Rasmus Klump's ship

A really nice family attraction can be experienced in Bagenkop on Langeland, namely Rasmus Klump's ship. The ship is put in the water around Easter and will be picked up again in October, so if you feel like visiting the ship, then it is during the summer period you should do so. It would be a good idea to bring fishing nets as crabs can be caught by the boat. 

A day at the harbor in Bagenkop is therefore ideal for a trip for the whole family.

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