Eating places at Læsø 2024

Læsø offers wonderful local ingredients such as lobster and Læsø Salt, and generally taste experiences that you will soon forget. Despite the size of the island, you can visit a number of different eateries in all price ranges and get locals all over the island.

Below we have compiled a guide to the places to eat and taste experiences that are worth your attention. 

Local flavors | Lunch

Lunch at Læsø Tang

Læsø is on its way to UNESCO World Heritage status on the basis of the island's history with seaweed and salt.

On Læsø you can not only experience the unique seaweed houses – you can also eat the island's seaweed! Læsø Tang produces a multitude of products with seaweed, and you can experience and taste this in their café, but you can also buy in their webshop and have the goods sent directly to your door.

Play Video about thorsen fish

Freshly caught fish

Thorsen Fisk

At Thorsen Fisk, you get freshly caught seafood from Læsø as well as smoked products from your own smokehouse. Just watch the offer in the video.

Possibly makes Læsø's best fish meatball, but try it yourself.

Seafood & Fish

The Lobster House

If you are into fresh seafood, then we can clearly recommend you to make your way past Hummerens Hus, where you can enjoy a fantastic meal in beautiful and authentic surroundings. 

Read more about the menu, opening hours and prices below. 

© Hummerens Hus Restaurant

Local flavors and kids favorite

Læsø Ice at Storhaven

Storhaven is fun for the whole family of all ages: pets, games, activities, farm shop and café with local specialties. They are also known for producing the popular Læsø Ice Cream, and it alone is worth a visit.

Delicatessen in Østerby

The house Palsgaard

In the premises that previously housed Læsø Spisehus and Læsø Bolighus, you will today find the shop HUSET PALSGAARD. Here sells interiors and local delicacies. Try e.g. Other people's homemade spiced sausages made from Læsø's Galloway cattle.

This is also where you can buy local beer from Østerby Bryghus.

© Huset Palsgaard

© VisitLæsø

Children's favorite

Læsø Antik & Retro

Just outside Byrum in the middle of Læsø you will find Læsø Antik & Retro, which is much more than antique and retro! It started with good flea finds, but today you will also find a grill bar, delicious coffee, mini golf, bouncy castle, etc. A place the children love.

Delicatessen with local ingredients in Byrum

Læsø Slagteren

Læsø Slagteren is the story of two young Læsø boys who, after training as butchers, return home to the birth island and start a successful business. There are always many different products and cuts to choose from. You can e.g. find sausages, bacon, sandwiches, salads and more.

© Læsø Slagteren

Eat and live in Byrum

Hotel Nygaard

Just as you drive out of Byrum and set course for Østerby, you come to Hotel Nygaard, which is decorated in an old grocery store from the 18th century. It is a cozy little hotel with its own restaurant and in beautiful natural surroundings.

A young couple have become new tenants of the hotel and restaurant, and it will be exciting to see how they run the place further.

Freshly caught fish

Smoked Læsø Fjæsing

In Østerby you will find Røget Læsø Fjæsing, a small restaurant located right down to the harbor, where you can get cold and hot fish dishes on fresh fish. Pretty authentic.

Freshly caught fish

Mortens Fiskehandel

At Mortens Fiskehandel you can buy freshly caught fish, takeaway and delicacies, among others. own smokehouse. The fish cakes are definitely recommended.

Opening hours vary, so check out their Facebook page before you leave.

Gourmet experience 

VesterØL / VesterVenners Badehotel Strandgaarden

The historic Strandgaarden Badehotel on idyllic Læsø can be dated back to 1727. In 2022, the beach hotel got a new owner and to lease the place, the talented people at the extremely popular gourmet restaurant Vesterøl were brought in. Therefore, you must now visit Strandgaarden if you want to taste the food that Nordjyske in 2021 gave 6 forks.


© VisitLæsø

Restaurant in Vesterø

Hotel Havnebakken

Havnebakken is located in Vesterø, as one of the first places you meet when you get off the ferry. It is also a really good place to taste local ingredients, because there is always lobster on the menu. The place is known for their Lobster Hotdog, but you will also find other dishes with Læsø's lobster.

The restaurant is also one of the few places where the kitchen is open all year round.

Family restaurant with a view

Læsø Marina Park

Læsø Marina Park is less than 100 meters from one of the island's best beaches, with panoramic views of the marina, beach and sea. Classic Danish is served with a focus on fish, and then there is room for the children to play.

© Læsø Marina Park

© Carlsens Hotel

Open all year round

Carlsens Hotel

With beautiful views and Vesterø Harbor is Carlsens Hotel. It is open 364 days a year, so it's your sure bet when other places have closed for the season.

Here you get chromed food such as. plaice fillet with Læsø prawns on top and much more. In the café Stalden there is music and drinks.

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