Experiences on Læsø

Explore the beautiful nature on Læsø and get your backpack filled with fantastic experiences. Even though the island is small, it offers a wealth of experiences - so take each other by the arm and explore the scenic, North Jutland island. 

Below we have collected a number of places that you should visit to get the best out of your trip to Læsø.

Spa & Wellness

Get pampered at Læsø Kur

Do you need to completely disconnect from everyday life? Then we can clearly recommend you to make your way past Læsø Kur and have a wonderful wellness experience. The health resort is located in an old church, which has been rebuilt and now houses state-of-the-art facilities that merge new and old architecture - A fantastic and unusual experience. 

Read more about the facilities, treatments and products below. 

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Free nature experience 

Find the Lobster Cabins at Horneks Odde

Explore Horneks Odde and find the old Hummerhytte, which the fishermen used as a base in the early 1900s. The fishermen built the small, historic houses of various materials, which drifted ashore on the beach. 

In addition to exploring at Hummerhytterne, you may be lucky enough to spot seals at Horneks Odde. 


Enjoy the view from Læsøtårnet

The Læsø tower is not only a beautiful lookout tower with a fantastic view of Læsø, but the place contains a very special story about the unique Thorvald Hansen.

Read more about the story of Thorvald Hansen and find your way to the tower below. 

Free nature experience 

Take a walk by Danzigmann

Explore Stranden Danzigmann and be impressed by the fantastic nature that the island of North Jutland offers.

The beach is located east of Østerby Harbor. The beach Danzigmann is named after a ship from Danzig, which ran aground there in 1741.

Main attraction for the whole family

Experience Læsø Saltsyderi

On the island's biggest attraction, namely Læsø Saltsyderi, you can take a free tour, sew your own salt using old traditions or buy some of the rather popular salt that has made the island famous. 

Hear the story of the famous Læsø Salt, see the old traditions and get an experience beyond the usual. Read more about the saltworks and their products below. 

Free nature experience 

Visit Storhaven

Storhaven is fun for the whole family of all ages: pets, games, activities, farm shop and café with the famous Læsø ice cream and lots of delicious, local specialties.

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