Experiences in Hjørring 2024

An exciting shopping trip that offers a wealth of experiences. Hjørring is rich in history, art and culture, so be inspired by our suggestions for attractions, tours etc

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Vendsyssel Art Museum

In 2023, Vendsyssel Art Museum won the title of North Jutland's Best Museum. Read more about the vote and what is special about this museum in Hjørring.

Børglum Monastery

Not far from Hjørring you can find Børglum Monastery, which dates back to the Middle Ages. The buildings exude history, despite several restorations over time. You can visit the monastery and get an insight into its many years of history, see Børglum Monastery Church, or visit the museum where there are more than 15 exhibitions relating to art, history and culture. 

At Christmas, a popular Christmas market is also held at Børglum Kloster, which is worth a visit!

The clover paths in Hjørring

Friluftsrådet has launched a concept for marked trail routes in cities and suburban areas, it is clearly one of the good experiences. Four paths of different lengths, which originate in a central place in the city and connect local points of interest of a natural and cultural historical nature. This trail has been prepared in collaboration with Hjørring Municipality.

© Aage Moller

Vendelbohus - Hjørring Theatre

Vendelbohus has offered plays for over a hundred years. The beautiful old theater hall was built in 1907 and the theater offers more than 20 different performances every year!

The Graphic Workshop

Hjørring Grafiske Verksted is a little hidden gem. The workshop is one of the few lithographic workshops left in Denmark. Here you can see the artists working in their workshops and at the same time buy some of the art to take home from the local shop.

Christian gift

Parken Christiansgave is the oldest city park in Hjørring. In 1821 it was established as a nursery school and in 1843 was donated to the city by King Christian VIII.

Over the years, the park has been transformed from an area for tree cultivation to a recreational area where constitution parties were held. The original size of the park has been reduced due to various developments, but it remains a central green oasis. It has a small building, known as the "nut sod house", which was designed by architect Jens Jakobsen in 1914. The park underwent landscape renovations in 2005, including the addition of themed gardens and the restoration of its natural elements.

Not far from Hjørring

Take a trip to Aalborg Zoo

Many families with children on holiday in Hjørring also choose to take the short trip to Aalborg Zoo, where you can spend a whole day with the many animals, playgrounds and events.

Vendsyssel Historical Museum

The main museum in the heart of the old Hjørring, which tells the stories of life in the northern part of Denmark from 30,000 years back in time, up to yesterday. Large ancient exhibition, and lots of small exciting special exhibitions.

Urban environment Hjørring

The older part of the city is definitely worth a visit, because here you can experience a cozy urban environment in a lovely atmosphere that surrounds the past. You will find the older part of town in Nørregade, Museumsgade, Vestergade, Stokbrogade and on Nørre Torv. Here you will find half-timbered houses, alleys, cobbled streets and medieval churches.

© Tourism Development Hjørring

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