Eating places at Djursland 2024

Djursland covers a large area and here is a wealth of different dining and taste experiences. 

We give you here some suggestions for exciting restaurants and taste experiences in the beautiful Djursland.

The inn experience


You will find this gourmet restaurant in Ebeltoft. Molskroen is a lovely place that the owner himself describes as a breathing space in beautiful natural surroundings. Here the pampering of the guest is in focus and this applies to both the taste buds and the soul. 

The inn offers a gastronomic experience, and with a sustainable foundation, exciting and delicious food is made here. It has been noticed and Molskroen was therefore awarded the Michelin Guide's Green Clover in 2019 and won an award as Best Nordic Seafood Restaurant in 2020.

© ️ Molskroen

© ️ Between Jyder

Family restaurant

Between Jews

In the heart of Ebeltoft you will find this fine restaurant. Mellem Jyder is a cozy family restaurant, which can be dated back to 1610. Here, traditional Danish chrome food is served and the focus is on fresh and local ingredients. 

The mosque

Mariendal Mosteri

Mariendal Mosteri can be found in the village, Ålsrode, close to Grenaa. The mosque makes apple juice, apple cider and apple ice wine as well as wines which are produced with grapes from the local area. Ecology, local cooperation and the environment are paramount here.

Mariendal Mosteri has a mobile pop-up bar, which can be found in Grenaa, Ebeltoft, at festivals and fairs at selected times during the summer period. At the same time, their products can be found in selected restaurants and supermarkets, such as Meny i Rønde, Molskroen Strandhotel and Restaurant Karens Køkken. 

© ️ Mariendal Mosteri

© ️ MundGodt

Nice restaurant in Grenaa


MundGodt is centrally located in Grenaa. The restaurant focuses on quality and fresh ingredients, and everything is prepared from scratch here. 

When you visit the restaurant, you can choose whether you want to eat in the restaurant or outside in their beautiful courtyard. 

The gourmet experience

Restaurant Moment

Restaurant Moment is located in Rønde and offers gastronomy at a high level. They are dedicated to ecology and biodynamic cultivation. The menu is vegetable-based and the ingredients are picked up in their own garden or from local producers in the area. The restaurant has a sustainable approach to everything they do and all the choices they make, which can be experienced both in the exciting food on the menu as well as the furniture that you see in the restaurant's premises. At the same time you will also find a selection of fantastic natural wines and juices. 

Restaurant Moment has received several very nice remarks, such as the inclusion in the White Guide and the Michelin guide.

© ️ Restaurant Moment

© ️ Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri

The small brewery

Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri

Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri is a small family-owned brewery in Djursland. Both soda and beer are produced here and you can, for example, taste a wonderful lager beer or ale. 

You can either stop by the brewery and buy your beers or soft drinks directly here or you can find the products in selected stores. Maltfabrikken, Mopkok in Grenaa, Stockfleth in Ebeltoft and Kvickly in Ebeltoft all have the brewery's products in the shops. 

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