Experiences at Djursland 2024

There are plenty of experiences in beautiful Djursland. The area offers beautiful nature, which of course allows for a lot of walking and hiking, but there are also several attractions and sights that are worth a visit. 

We therefore come here with some suggestions for exciting experiences. It ranges from the good shopping trip to the activity-filled day with the whole family.

Zoo for the whole family 

Explore Ree Park

Explore Ree Park in Ebeltoft, which is an animal park that operates on the basis of the animals' conditions and premises. Get an insight into the lives of the wild animals in the park's four different areas, which are divided according to the corners of the world. You can go on safari, ride a train or take part in the park's many activities - so you won't get bored.

© Scandinavian Animal Park

Main attraction for children

Scandinavian Animal Park

If you want to experience the fantastic Nordic animals, you can start at the Scandinavian Animal Park! Here you can meet polar bears, brown bears, wolves, sea eagles, deer and many other Nordic animals.

The animal park is located in the middle of Aarhus, Randers and Grenaa in the heart of Djursland. Natural surroundings help to create this wonderful attraction.

Enjoy the fresh air and nature in the National Park

Mols Bjerge National Park

Mols Bjerge National Park was inaugurated as a national park in 2009. The area is characterized by the ice ages and you therefore get a very rare nature experience here. In addition to the beautiful nature, you can also be lucky to see some animals here, which could be field lizards, cows, sheep, horses and many more.

Mols Bjerge National Park covers a large area, namely 180 km2. There are many hiking trails and paths that you can follow. At the same time, it is also possible to book guided tours around the beautiful landscape. It is one of Denmark's most visited nature areas, so bring your family and come out and experience Mols Bjerge National Park. 

© VisitAarhus

© ️ The frigate Jylland

The maritime adventure

the frigate Jutland

The frigate Jylland is a thoroughly restored warship, which has carried sailors around the world's oceans since the 19th century. Now the beautiful ship is a museum, which is full of stories and exhibitions from its time as a warship. Here you can get an insight into how the sailors' lives and everyday life were on the ship at the time, and at the same time various activities have been made for children, such as "treasure hunting" and a maritime playground. 

Go out and meet the sea creatures


The Kattegat Center is an aquarium with over 250 different species of marine animals. It includes sharks, coral reef fish and seals. The center has existed since 1993 and has several times been named the Nordic Region's Best Aquarium. The Kattegat Center has a vision to make both large and small wiser about the sea and its animals, as the hope is that we will also take better care of it.

Here you can walk around and explore the fantastic aquarium and all the exciting sea creatures that it offers, and if it arouses further interest, then the center has a wealth of communicators who are ready with stories and stories. When you visit the Kattegat Center, there is also the opportunity for a lot of different activities, such as playgrounds, interactive exhibitions and if you are particularly brave, you can try diving and visiting the sharks. 

© ️ The Kattegat Center

© ️ Ebeltoft Glass Museum

For the art lover

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

The glass museum Ebeltoft has a fantastically varied glass art exhibition. They have a collection of 1600 works created by 700 artists from 40 different countries.  Here, the artists can be both internationally recognized or newly educated, who have only just begun their careers. 

When you visit Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, you can experience Glashytten in the museum's garden, and here you get the opportunity to see glass artists in action. Here you can also try your hand at glass art during selected periods. 

The museum consists of the fine exhibitions, Glashytten and a shop where you can buy glass art. There are also various events such as lectures and concerts.

An active day of fun and rides

Djurs amusement park

Djurs Sommerland is the largest summer country in the Nordic region. The park was founded by Ole B. Nielsen and Børge Godsk Jensen, who back in 1981 got the idea that there was a lack of exciting excursion opportunities for families where both large and small could have a fantastic experience. 

The park has won several awards, including an award as the Nordic region's best summer country. In the park, the vision is that not only should there be different rides and activities, but that you step into different worlds. Therefore, the park is divided into nine different areas, each with their own theme, and in each area you experience the theme's atmosphere in decorations, rides and activities. 

© ️ Djurs Sommerland

@ Dan Plesner Henriksen

The city experience

Grenaa By

Visit Djursland's largest city - Grenaa. The town is characterized by the fact that it has always been a trading town and this can be seen, for example, in the cozy alleys, especially at the town's landmark which is Grenaa Church. You can follow Grenaa Å from the marina and into the city center.

In the city you can both walk past the beautiful church, take a walk down to the beach, experience Grenaa plantation or Museum Baunhøj Mill. At the same time, there are a wealth of restaurants, accommodation and of course shopping opportunities. In the city center, three pedestrian streets meet on the square, and here there is everything from restaurants to diners as well as about 200 specialty shops. 

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