Events at Djursland 2024

There are a multitude of events on Djursland, and here we list some of the biggest annual events.


Experience the annual Ebelfestival in Ebeltoft during the autumn holidays, which offers a multitude of taste experiences and activities. 

© Drahomir Postby Mach

© Reepark 

Christmas in Ree Park

An adventurous Christmas experience awaits you in Ree Park, where during the first three weekends in December, the decorations have been transformed into the big Christmas spirit. Experience the animals on safari surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights and fir trees, or go and say hello to Santa Claus.

Christmas at Gammel Estrup

At Gammel Estrup you can experience an authentic manor Christmas, and join the sidelines as the lordship and servants prepare for Christmas. See how they celebrated Christmas 100 years ago, and taste the Christmas treats that were served back then.  

© Rodion Kutsaiev 

© Smukfest

Beautiful party

Skanderborg Festival, Denmark's Most Beautiful Festival, or beautiful party, dear child has many names! Smukfest is a music festival which is held in Bøgeskoven near Skanderborg. It is Denmark's 2nd largest festival, and you can experience a wealth of musicians here.

There are about 55,000 guests a day at the festival and about 16,000 helpers, which tells a little about the scope of this beautiful festival. All profits go to charity, non-profit and cultural activities, so you support a good cause when you buy your ticket to Smukfest!

Aarhus Jazz Festival

Since 1989, there has been a Jazz Festival in Aarhus. It is an annual event where you can be allowed to experience the great artists in the world of jazz, while you will also experience new, exciting artists.

It's one of the biggest jazz festivals in the country, so if you love the music genre, then this event is just for you!


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