Denmark's Best Spa & Wellness

Relaxing and letting go with a visit to wellness is becoming more and more popular. Who doesn't like to relax in stressful environments, get a massage and just feel the stress of everyday life leaving the body? The rising popularity means that there is a wealth of opportunities for a relaxing wellness experience. But where to get the best spa & wellness experience according to the Danes? We have set out to find the best spa & wellness sites, to give you an overview and perhaps inspire you for your next visit. That's why we now need your help!

As we have done in the past, among other things ice cream parlors and burgers, we will make a list of the best spa & wellness places, and ultimately choose the best place!

Denmark's Best Spa & Wellness

Every year we find and award Denmark's Best Spa & Wellness. This is done by a popular vote where you can vote for your favorite via SMS.

See the rules and terms for our polls as well as tips for nominees here


This year's vote took place November 22-29, 2021. It was a breathtaking and nerve-wracking decision between the winners of 2020, the Hotel Viking Aqua Spa & Wellness, and the winners of 2019, Comwell Kellers Park.

It all became so close that they ended up in a fine count with the sending of confirmation text messages, and in the end we found a winner:

Congratulations to:


… And congratulations to the regional winners:

🏆 North Jutland: Hotel Viking Aqua Spa & Wellness

🏆 Central Jutland: Fjordgaarden Spa, Ringkøbing

🏆 South Jutland: Comwell Kellers Park, Børkop

Yn Funen & islands: Comwell Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart

Æll Zealand & islands: Comwell Borupgaard, Snekkersten

The final position ended as follows:

  1. Hotel Viking, Sæby
  2. Comwell Kellers Park, Børkop
  3. Comwell Bourpgaard, Carpenter
  4. Læsø Kur, Læsø
  5. Comwell Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart
  6. Thorseng Nature Resort, Svendborg
  7. HimmerLand, Farsø
  8. Fjordgaarden Spa, Ringkøbing
  9. Marienlyst Strandhotel, Elsinore
  10. Alsik Nordic Spa, Sønderborg


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination: until and including 21 November
  • Voting time: November 22 at 12 - 29 November at 12 

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the places that get more than 250 votes get a place on our map of Denmark's best wellness places
  2. On 26 November, we will announce winners for North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand - and of course the whole of Denmark. They all receive a diploma in the mail.
  3. In order not to be about distributing the biggest prizes etc., it is strictly forbidden to distribute competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like.
    Read more in our set of rules here:

The nominees can also download graphics for use online and offline, so you can get customers to vote. Get the graphic here.

Below you can see the nominees and vote for your favorite when the voting starts on November 22nd. If your favorite is not on the list, you can nominate further down the page.

UPDATE 29/11 at 10.40:

Many text messages have entered the final sprint and to ensure that all votes are justified, we send out confirmation text messages at 12.00 Then text messages from all the phone numbers that cannot be delivered to are sorted out.

At the same time, we are investigating a possible breach of the rules, where the vote has been mentioned in connection with. competitions.

This means that the vote is only decided when this message is updated.

We estimate to be able to present the winner at. 13

UPDATE 29/11 at 11.07

On Friday evening, Hotel Viking came in a Facebook post to mention this year's vote in connection with. own competitions on stays. Hotel Viking became aware of this and the notice was quickly removed again, but according to the rules, one loses the votes for the day.

Therefore, Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Wellness is deducted from 136 votes.

UPDATE 29/11 at 12.00

Confirmation text messages are now being sent out…

The final result is shown below when all text messages are sent

How to vote
  1. Find your favorite in the list below.
  2. Find the code and enter it in a text message to +45 52 51 09 87.
  3. Send the sms. It only costs alm. sms rate.
  4. When you receive a “Thank you for your vote SMS ”, is yours vote talked to. (If you do not receive an SMS return, we have not received yours vote. Please try again later)


In the period 12 November to 26 November, we have asked you where to find the best cures. We can now say congratulations to the winners:

Congratulations to:

Hotel Viking Aqua Spa & Wellness


The final position ended as follows:

  1. Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Wellness, Sæby
  2. Sydthy Kurbad, Thy
  3. Læsø Kur
  4. Romulus, Skallerup Seaside Resort, Hjørring
  5. Marienlyst Strandhotel, Elsinore


The program for the 2020 vote is clear:

  • Nomination: until and including 13 November at 12
  • Voting: 12 November at 12 - 26 November at 12 

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the places that get more than 250 votes get a place on our map of Denmark's best wellness places
  2. On November 26, we will announce winners for North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand - and of course the whole of Denmark
  3. In order not to be about distributing the biggest prizes etc., it is strictly forbidden to distribute competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like.
    Read more in our set of rules here:

The nominees can also download graphics for use online and offline, so you can get customers to vote. Get the graphic here.

Below you can see the nominees and vote for your favorite when the voting starts on 12 November. If your favorite is not on the list, you can nominate further down the page.

How to vote
  1. Find your favorite in the list below.
  2. Find the code and enter it in a text message to +45 92 45 24 04.
  3. Send the sms. It only costs alm. sms rate.
  4. When you receive a “Thank you for your vote SMS ”, is yours vote talked to. (If you do not receive an SMS return, we have not received yours vote. Please try again later)


In the period from November 12 to November 27, you could vote for your favorite in spa and wellness. The Danes thus voted in 2019.

Congratulations to:

Comwell Kellers Park


The final position ended as follows:

  1. Comwell Kellers Park, Børkop
  2. Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Wellness, Sæby
  3. Sydthy Kurbad, Thy
  4. Hotel Vejlefjord Kur & Spa, Stouby
  5. Læsø Kur
  6. Alsik Nordisk Spa & Wellness, Sønderborg


  1. Empty local database

    It is inspiring to see how these places offer relaxing environments and quality treatments that the Danes appreciate. There is a wide range of options from north to south, including spas such as Sydthy Kurbad and Læsø Kur, which have also caught the attention of the Danes.
    It is a good idea to let the people vote on the best places as it gives a fair picture of what really impresses the guests. So the next time you need to relax and recharge your batteries, there are plenty of good options in Denmark!

  2. Heinz Fuest

    Paradiesliegen fehlen!

  3. Mohssin Arrakha

    Comwell Kellers Park

  4. Martine

    Spa 102 Læsø

  5. Martine

    Spa 102 Læsø

  6. Tinna Bjørn

    Hotel Viking spa Sæby

  7. Rikke Lysgaard

    Hotel Viking

    1. Johanna Hardardottir

      Fantastic staff!

  8. I nominate Skodborg Kurhotel, Spa & Fittness

  9. Hanne

    Clearly Kellers Park, Børkop

  10. Betina

    The Hotel Viking Spa & Wellness is definitely worth a visit & #8211; I'd like to nominate them!

    1. Malou

      Viking spa

  11. Anne

    I would like to nominate Comwell Borupgaard

  12. I vote at Comwell Kellers Park. It is a fantastic place. Ed beautiful views, peace and quiet, wonderful treatments, wonderful food and not least fantastic staff who make sure you have a nice stay or just a spa day. Can only be recommended

    1. Arne Hansen

      It is a place you will never forget keller park

  13. Christine Pickardt Pedersen

    I nominate Hotel Viking

  14. Joy shrieked

    Definitely votes at comwell basement park. An absolutely beautiful place, super good service and really nice rooms.

  15. G. schjøtler

    Kellers Park is amazing

    1. A great place with great service and atmosphere, sooo why

    2. Anne Trasbo

      A great place for tranquility and meditation.
      Would altos recommend this Gem.

  16. Lone Steel Dam-Olsen


  17. Martin Sundwall

    Kelller's park is arguably the best spa hotel. And you get the best service. The staff are the nicest people. We get there often.

    1. Ulla

      Nominate Comwell Kellers Park, for sure!

  18. Hanne Pruss

    Keller's park, absolutely fantastic place

    1. Willy Andersen

      Just at the very top

  19. Louise Dissing

    I vote for Hotel Viking

    1. Vivi Alrø Thøstesen

      So nice

    2. I vote for Hotel Viking

    3. I would like to nominate hotel viking spa and wellness in Sæby.
      The best place to relax and luxury spa and wellness.

  20. Mariann Illum Vendler

    Great and wonderful place with the most beautiful spa in all of Denmark ♥ ️
    Many greetings Miv

  21. Tina Hougaard

    I would like to nominate Kellers Park. Nice and nice pampering place.

    1. Have never been there but would love to visit the place and experience fantastic wellnessIs crazy about wonderful relaxing wellness

  22. Lene Kristoffersen

    I would like to nominate Comwell Keller's park. A great place with the most beautiful surroundings

  23. Morten Holm Witte

    I want to nominate COMWELL KELLERS PARK Vejle. We have been there a number of times and it is a really super good place.

  24. Will nominate Comwell Kellers Park.

  25. Line Hansson

    Hotel Viking

    1. Jytte Bredvig

      It's a great place ❤️
      Have been there several times.

    2. Laila frandsen

      Here we talk about pure pampering at the luxury level, the staff is On, without seeming intrusive and all at a competitive price.
      A really nice experience

    3. Marianne Jeppesen

      Just a cozy place.

  26. Bente Markedal

    Voted on Læsø cure

  27. cindy tulinius

    Læsø Kur

  28. Søren Melchiorsen

    Would like to nominate Læsø Kur 🙂

  29. Gitte Pedersen

    Romulus Skallerup Klit & #8211; completely unparalleled

  30. Erling Skuggevik

    I will nominate Læsø cure.

  31. Sarah Kristoffersen

    I nominate Læsø Kur <3

  32. Lone Bagge

    Vejle Fjord is a fantastic experience

  33. Anita Christensen

    Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Wellness is really a nice place. They have one of the best sauna gus and much else to offer.

    1. Vita Poulsen

      Spa viking is Denmark's best because the best service from the moment you go to the walk and the fat you can call for drinks

    2. Per Haulund

      I would like to nominate Hotel Viking.
      Here my boyfriend and I really got the feeling that the hotel did everything we could to enjoy each other.
      It was definitely not the last time we stayed here.

  34. Lisbeth Bech Andersen

    Clearly Hotel Vejle fjord hotel with the best view and cozy in the forest.

    1. Lolo Klausen

      I nominate Comwell Kellers Park. A truly fantastic hotel. Pure luxury and the most beautiful spa area with a rich selection of wellness treatments. Very service-minded staff, where the focus is only on the guests having an ultimate good experience.

  35. Pia Lund

    Romulus in Skallerup is super. recommendable.

  36. Hanna Larsen

    Romulus in Skallerup

    1. Else jensen

      Always friendly and smiling.

    2. Birgit High

      I would like to nominate Romulus in Skallerup Klit.

  37. Vejlefjord spa and spa, is the most beautiful place I have visited. it's just great.

    1. Ellen Mikkelsen

      At Vejlefjord spa, I had a wonderful experience with my two sisters.
      It was a fantastic relaxing place to enjoy a day.
      There was fruit presented, you could enjoy it a bit and jump in the bath again.

  38. Anne-Bodil Harrild

    I would like to nominate Læsø salt and spas
    It is the most amazing experience and relaxation in unique surroundings, with super professional therapists.
    We come every year to great enjoyment.

  39. Maria Atkinson

    I nominate Læsø Kur 🙂

  40. Ida Larsen

    I nominate Romulus from Skallerup Klit. A truly lovely place, total health for the soul.

  41. Mette Christiansen

    Romulus in Skallerup Klit

  42. Heine Bentsen

    I nominate Romulus at Skallerup Seaside Resort, as the place is first class luxury and very beautifully situated in one of Denmark's most beautiful natural areas.

  43. Bjerringbro sauna & spa
    Best Saunagus

  44. Bjerringbro sauna & wellness
    Best guy

  45. Mariane Roed

    Great place with a nice location and nice atmosphere.

  46. Britta

    Nominate Sydthy spas and wellness

  47. I would like to nominate Hotel Vejlefjord Spa & Spa & #8211; the most beautiful place.

  48. Jesper

    Nominates hotel viking
    Absolutely fantastic place where you are greeted by friendly staff as well as the most amazing outdoor saltwater pool and spa overlooking Kattegat

  49. Henny Lund

    My family and I have been to the Viking hotel many times and we think it must be the best spa and wellness in Denmark

    1. Tove Linda Hansen

      Viking Sæby is just the best place, and lovely staff

  50. Susanne Andreasen

    Hotel Viking Sæby. The best

  51. Tine Rohde

    Clearly Romulus in Skallerup Seaside Resort.

  52. Mie Dam Clockwise

    Hotel Viking in soap
    It is so fantastic a place, nice food, nice spa, good hotel rooms with good beds. The service is top notch

  53. Henning

    Hotel Viking in Saeby

  54. Kirsten

    Hotel Viking in Saeby is delicious.

  55. Arne Hansen

    Romulus is just relaxation

    1. Lise-Lotte Olsen

      I want to nominate Romulus

  56. Janne

    Romulus Skjallerup seaside resort is incredibly nice and cozy place. ***** fantastic

  57. I would like to nominate Romulus Skjallerup seaside resort nice place

  58. Tove Koch

    Hotel Viking in Sæby & #8211; it's delicious.

    1. Lisbeth Storgaard

      I love Vejle Fjord, both the spa and the location, which is really nice and beautiful And unique.

  59. Kent Pedersen

    Romulus: is the place where stress is put behind you as soon as you are inside. The rooms are made of natural material and muted colors. Every time you round a corner there are new impressions. You leave and feel reborn (even though I'm 73).

    1. Inga Holgersen

      Lovely place for relaxation and relaxation

  60. Lise Frost

    Romulus Skallerup

  61. Bente Hald

    Romulus spa and wellness, Skallerup dune is definitely the best

  62. Tine

    Without comparison Romulus & #8211; there is the most beautiful atmosphere where you already get completely into relaxed fashion when you step into the dress. All rooms are completed in the same quiet style. There is everything the heart desires for a wonderful day in SPA.

  63. Henriette Hedevang

    I nominate Romulus from Skallerup Klit without a doubt.

  64. else rasmussen

    hotel viking Sæby

    1. Jørgen Haubuf

      Would like to nominate Romulus, Skallerup Seaside Resort

  65. Christina

    I have nominated Romulus Skallerup Klit & #8211; the most beautiful place with lovely facilities situated in beautiful nature.

    1. Jytte Andersen

      Clearly Romulus in Skallerup. Great place for ultimate relaxation. ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Jan Heine Pedersen

    I would like to recommend ROMULUS in Skallerup Seaside Resort as an absolutely fantastic place!

  67. Pia

    Hotel Viking resort in Saeby has been there several times and it is a nice place

    1. Tina

      Hotel Viking

  68. Wellnes on Landal Rønbjerg.

    Lovely bright and quiet environment.
    Nice and helpful staff.
    Great value.

  69. Measurements

    Romulus at Skallerup Klit Seaside resort. Great place for relaxation and immersion

    1. Karsten Nielsen

      I think Romelus in Skallerup is a fantastic place, The warmest recommendations from here

  70. Heidi Lykkegaard

    I would like to nominate Hotel Viking for the charm and cozy atmosphere the hotel has ❤

  71. Have never been to Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Wellness Resort, voted for you.
    Have heard through family and friends, it is absolutely beautiful and a unique place to stay
    Don't know why we haven't been to you, we have something to look forward to ♥ ️

  72. Helle Mortensen

    I would like to nominate Romulus at Skallerup Klit.

  73. Inge Lassen

    Viking Aqua Spa in Sæby

  74. Lotte Andersen

    Hotel Viking

  75. Mona Larsen

    Of course the Hotel Viking

  76. Carsten Schandorff

    I nominate the hotel viking in Sæby, because it is luxury relaxation in a quiet environment and their food is absolutely fantastic.

  77. Karen Friis

    Hotel Viking Sæby

    1. Louise Laustsen

      I would like to nominate Hotel Viking in Sæby. I enjoy getting up there and having a relaxing time away from the everyday rush, both as an overnight guest and as a day guest in the wellness department.

  78. Monica W Philippines

    Nominate Hotel Viking in Sæby because price, quality and service go very well together.
    Nice atmosphere with high ceilings and a place for everyone & #8230; ..

    1. Jesper Agergaard

      Lovely beautiful quiet place with the sweetest staff who cater to one as soon as you step in.

      And delicious delicious food

  79. peter schmidt

    Vejlefjord always good service and polite staff and then it is child-free

  80. Betitna Mark Bastholm

    I would like to nominate Hotel Viking Aqua, Spa & Wellness Resort

  81. Leif Hansen

    I would like to nominate a Viking in Sæby

    1. Vivi larsen

      Hotel Viking has a nice and well-maintained spa area. There is always good service.

  82. Hotel Viking Aqua Spa & Wellness in Saeby.
    better it can't be

  83. Anja

    Hvidbjerg Strand

  84. Bluewater spas and wellness

  85. Kim Müller


    Hotel Viking

  86. Steffen Bader

    I would like to nominate Hotel Vejlefjord Kur and Spa. We have visited it several times & #8211; always top service, great food and lovely Spa!

  87. Birgith yep

    Of course

    1. Kasper Villsen

      Great place in beautiful surroundings

    2. Tina Cords Odefey

      Nice place to come

  88. Vibeke Juhl

    Definitely Hotel Vejle Fjord Spa and Welness

    1. Casper Lykke Jensen

      It is definitely Denmark's best spa and wellness hotel! Nothing in Denmark can compare to all the fantastic baths and professional treatments at this place !.

      1. Pia

        Læsø Kur is fantastic. We have spent whole days in the bath and would love to come again. Great location, the surroundings at the top and the staff as well.

    2. Anne Larsen

      Nice place with nice location

  89. Vibeke Andersen

    Marienlyst Strandspa is a luxury for soul and body overlooking Kronborg

  90. Lena Winther

    Of course the Hotel Viking in Sæby

    1. Meick Jerne

      Undoubtedly the best spa experience Denmark offers

    2. Maibrit Nielsen

      I would like to nominate hotel Viking

  91. Pia Hansen

    I nominate Hotel Vejlefjord Kur & Spa, Stouby

  92. Lars Thulin

    Hotel Viking Aqua Spa & Wellness in Saeby & #8211; is clearly # 1

    1. Julie Henriksen

      Fantastic place

    2. Susanne Noesgaard

      Viking spa completely clear

  93. Frank Larsen

    Hotel Viking Aqua Spa & Wellness in Saeby.
    Is arguably Denmark's best spa and wellness

    1. Gitte Right

      I would like to nominate Hotel Viking in Sæby
      This is because the service is top notch and all happy employees ❤️❤️

  94. Bettina Himmelstrup

    Hotel Viking by most beautiful Sæby. Definitely worth one or more visits.

  95. Conny

    Enjoy Resort many facilities, pools and wonderful treatments in wellness

  96. Elisabeth Sønderskov

    I would like to nominate Romulus & #8211; Skallerup dune

  97. Elisabeth Sonderskov

    Vejle fjord, soooo nice

  98. Camilla

    Hotel Viking by beautiful Sæby beach.

    1. Janne Carlsen

      I nominate Romulus from Skallerup Klit

  99. Heidi Gade

    Of course the Hotel Viking - Sæby!

  100. Mette Løff Mikkelsen

    Vejle Fjord

    1. Super good place to stress off super cozy and good food

  101. Lita Würtz

    Vejle fjord

  102. Ditter Effersø

    I want to nominate Quistgaarden wellnes and spa.

  103. Dorte

    Vejle fjord & #8211; clearly

  104. Gitte Engelbrechtsen

    Clearly Vejle Fjord

  105. Sara Gamborg

    Hotel Vejlefjord spa and spa & #8211; undoubtedly!

  106. Birgit

    My husband and I normalize the Hotel Vejlefjord spa and spa. Super delicious both inside and out.

  107. Altogether The Bornholm Diamond Spa in Rønne is fantastic, where there is such a beautiful view of the sea and beach when sitting in the hot water pool with hot tub, there are several pools within, sauna and cozy environment, almost believe you are south and luxury food in The restaurant which can be enjoyed afterwards and overnight at the hotel

  108. Vejle Fjord. The best place was experienced, both with accommodation, catering, spa and massages. Fantastic service. Went there years ago, so it would be great to be allowed to experience again.

  109. Ninna

    Hotel Viking without a doubt

  110. Amanda

    Hotel Viking Sæby

  111. Tonnie Frandsen

    Definitely Hotel VejleFjord Spa and Spa

    1. Astrid Bjørnum

      It is DK's best spa stay !!! And it is not debatable that gets demanded about one, the surroundings are fantastic, delicious spa area.

  112. Jesper Hooks Lemme

    Of course the Hotel Viking & #8211; Sæby!

  113. Gitte Maria Nielsen

    Vejlefjord spa and wellness is my absolute favorite ❤️

  114. Jesper

    Lübker spa of course

  115. Nathasja the keel

    The Hotel Vejlefjord, clearly the most beautiful oasis, both inside and outside is pure condition for the soul.

  116. Rikke

    Veillefjord I would like to nominate

  117. Kim

    Viking hotel

  118. Erling Alberg

    Lubker golf resort, for sure

  119. Birgit

    Quistgaarden Wellness and Spa, Næstved

    1. Ulla Dalsgaard

      Marienlyst Beach Hotel. So beautiful and beautifully decorated, the pure luxury and relaxation at the water's edge

  120. Frank Seemann

    Romo Golf and Wellness

  121. Poul Demore

    Hotel Vejlefjord, no doubt!

    1. Jan is a carpenter

      Everything is top class

    2. Kirsten Overgaard

      It is a wonderful place, could get there often if the pension lasted. You relax, get completely relaxed love your baths, love the cold shudder and then over in the heat. Great for a swim, and then your ston massage. Love it.

  122. Majbritt Magnussen

    I love, love and love Hotel Vejlefjord

    1. Anna Tøstesen

      I love Vejle Fjord, both the spa and the location, which is really cozy and beautiful

  123. Malouca Mogensen

    Wonderful Læsø cure

    ‍♂️ ‍♀️

  124. Anni Present

    Romulus, Skallerup is just so lovely and relaxing. Got my best massage ever here.

  125. Læsø Kur is Denmark's best
    Great wellness experience with unique salt baths and sauna. In addition, the environment in beautiful surroundings. Always worth a visit

  126. Mette Thuesen

    Læsø Kur is clearly the favorite

  127. line

    Læsø cure is clearly the best.

  128. Mette Odgaard

    Læsø Kur has the sea's soul like no other health resort!
    Salt baths, salt products and threads enter the island's exciting tale of salt production in the Middle Ages.

  129. Hotel Vejlefjord spa and spa are definitely worth a visit and I would like to nominate them!

  130. Heidi vallentin

    Marienlyst beachfront hotel
    Lovely, beautiful, stylish and really relaxing.

  131. Peter

    Enjoy Resort on Romo is definitely worth a visit!

  132. Lene

    Romulus at Skallerup Klit & #8211; clearly!

  133. Louise

    I would like to nominate Nordic Spa at Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort.

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There are many ways in which, as a nominee, you can improve your chance of getting enough votes to appear on our map of Denmark's best in its category & #8211; and maybe even end up winning. We have gathered here a number of measures that have been used by previous winners:

Share more than once. It is rare for a post to reach all your followers on social media. Therefore, you may want to encourage people to vote multiple times. Failure to do so too often and in succession will not be considered spam. We also hear from previous winners that the postings are really good at activating followers, so you get more interaction on your Facebook page and good conversations with customers.

Ask the network for help. Many local / loyal customers would rather than spread your message and get more votes. As nominated in a poll, you get a unique SMS code and it is easy to share in your channels, offline as online.

Link to the poll from your website. Your website is the hub for many of your most loyal customers. With a link to the poll, you can secure an extra boost to the number of votes.

Ask for help from local news media. Positive attention to a particular place is also positive attention to the area. That is why your local newspaper, tourist office etc. also has something to gain by helping the nominees in their area. If you have them share your post / link to the poll, it can greatly improve your chances. We see many examples of this.

Privacy policy in connection with polls

To be able to make polls where you can nominate and vote for your favorites while we exclude attempts at cheating and the like, we use tools that use cookies and where you provide some non-sensitive information. You can read much more about our general cookie and privacy policybut, for good measure, we have included that part of the policy that applies to polls, then there is complete transparency.

Here's what you should be aware of:

& #8211; If you nominate a candidate via the comment box, you enter information about name, email address, and possibly website and commentary. This information is stored together with registration of IP address (for protection against spam) in our database

& #8211; When you vote, information about time, phone number and voice dialing is stored in our database, which only Discover Denmark has access to. We do this purely in order to show the number of votes and find a winner. None of this information is disclosed to 3rd party. 

& #8211; To prevent cheating, we continually check and contact some of the phone numbers that have been used to vote. Therefore, we may call you if you have voted.

You do not provide any sensitive information when you participate in our polls. The name, telephone number, mail and ip address are counted as personal data and we have therefore taken all security measures to ensure that no one besides OpdagDanmark's trusted employees can access this data.

We continually delete data from our polls when they are no longer used on the site.

Read more in our cookie and privacy policy

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