Denmark's Best Spa & #038; Wellness

Relaxing and letting go with a visit to wellness is becoming more and more popular. Who doesn't like to relax in stressful environments, get a massage and just feel the stress of everyday life leaving the body? The rising popularity means that there is a wealth of opportunities for a relaxing wellness experience. But where to get the best spa & wellness experience according to the Danes? We have set out to find the best spa & wellness sites, to give you an overview and perhaps inspire you for your next visit. That's why we now need your help!

As we have done in the past, among other things ice cream parlors and burgers, we will make a list of the best spa & wellness places, and ultimately choose the best place!

Denmark's Best Spa & Wellness

Every year we find and award Denmark's Best Spa & Wellness. This is done by a popular vote where you can vote for your favorite via SMS.

See the rules and terms for our polls as well as tips for nominees here


The timeline for the 2019-poll is ready:

  • Nomination: November 4 at 4 p.m. 12 & #8211; November 12 at 1 p.m. 9
  • Voting: November 12 at 1 p.m. 9 & #8211; November 27 at 7 p.m. 12 

Below you can vote for your favorite.

Win $ 1,000 gift certificate!

When you vote for Denmark's Best Spa & Wellness 2019, you automatically participate in the draw for a gift certificate of DKK 1,000 to a wellness place of your choice. They just have to be nominated in the ballot.

We draw lots on November 27 and contact the winner directly.

UPDATE: The winner was Christine Seidelin, Copenhagen

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

How to vote

  • Find your favorite in the list below
  • Find the code and enter it in a text message +45 92 45 24 04
  • Send the text message You only pay regular SMS fare.
  • When you receive a message saying "Tak for din stemme" (thank you for your vote) your vote has been registered.
    (If you don't receive a message after voting then your vote hasn't been registered - try again later.)

Nominees can also download a graphic to draw attention to their participation. Get it here.

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Congratulations to:

Comwell Kellers Park


The final position ended as follows:


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  1. Rikke Lysgaard

    Hotel Viking

    1. Johanna Hardardottir

      Fantastic staff!

  2. I nominate Skodborg Kurhotel, Spa & Fittness

  3. Hanne

    Clearly Kellers Park, Børkop

  4. Betina

    The Hotel Viking Spa & Wellness is definitely worth a visit & #8211; I'd like to nominate them!

    1. Malou

      Viking spa

  5. Anne

    I would like to nominate Comwell Borupgaard

  6. I vote at Comwell Kellers Park. It is a fantastic place. Ed beautiful views, peace and quiet, wonderful treatments, wonderful food and not least fantastic staff who make sure you have a nice stay or just a spa day. Can only be recommended

    1. Arne Hansen

      It is a place you will never forget keller park

  7. Christine Pickardt Pedersen

    I nominate Hotel Viking

  8. Joy shrieked

    Definitely votes at comwell basement park. An absolutely beautiful place, super good service and really nice rooms.

  9. G. schjøtler

    Kellers Park is amazing

    1. A great place with great service and atmosphere, sooo why

    2. Anne Trasbo

      A great place for tranquility and meditation.
      Would altos recommend this Gem.

  10. Lone Steel Dam-Olsen


  11. Martin Sundwall

    Kelller's park is arguably the best spa hotel. And you get the best service. The staff are the nicest people. We get there often.

  12. Hanne Pruss

    Keller's park, absolutely fantastic place

    1. Willy Andersen

      Just at the very top

  13. Louise Dissing

    I vote for Hotel Viking

    1. Vivi Alrø Thøstesen

      So nice

    2. I vote for Hotel Viking

    3. I would like to nominate hotel viking spa and wellness in Sæby.
      The best place to relax and luxury spa and wellness.

  14. Mariann Illum Vendler

    Great and wonderful place with the most beautiful spa in all of Denmark ♥ ️
    Many greetings Miv

  15. Tina Hougaard

    I would like to nominate Kellers Park. Nice and nice pampering place.

    1. Have never been there but would love to visit the place and experience fantastic wellnessIs crazy about wonderful relaxing wellness

  16. Lene Kristoffersen

    I would like to nominate Comwell Keller's park. A great place with the most beautiful surroundings

  17. Morten Holm Witte

    I want to nominate COMWELL KELLERS PARK Vejle. We have been there a number of times and it is a really super good place.

  18. Will nominate Comwell Kellers Park.

  19. Line Hansson

    Hotel Viking

    1. Jytte Bredvig

      It's a great place ❤️
      Have been there several times.

    2. Laila frandsen

      Here we talk about pure pampering at the luxury level, the staff is On, without seeming intrusive and all at a competitive price.
      A really nice experience

    3. Marianne Jeppesen

      Just a cozy place.

  20. Bente Markedal

    Voted on Læsø cure

  21. cindy tulinius

    Læsø Kur

  22. Søren Melchiorsen

    Would like to nominate Læsø Kur 🙂

  23. Gitte Pedersen

    Romulus Skallerup Klit & #8211; completely unparalleled

  24. Erling Skuggevik

    I will nominate Læsø cure.

  25. Sarah Kristoffersen

    I nominate Læsø Kur <3

  26. Lone Bagge

    Vejle Fjord is a fantastic experience

  27. Anita Christensen

    Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Wellness is really a nice place. They have one of the best sauna gus and much else to offer.

    1. Vita Poulsen

      Spa viking is Denmark's best because the best service from the moment you go to the walk and the fat you can call for drinks

    2. Per Haulund

      I would like to nominate Hotel Viking.
      Here my boyfriend and I really got the feeling that the hotel did everything we could to enjoy each other.
      It was definitely not the last time we stayed here.

  28. Lisbeth Bech Andersen

    Clearly Hotel Vejle fjord hotel with the best view and cozy in the forest.

    1. Lolo Klausen

      I nominate Comwell Kellers Park. A truly fantastic hotel. Pure luxury and the most beautiful spa area with a rich selection of wellness treatments. Very service-minded staff, where the focus is only on the guests having an ultimate good experience.

  29. Pia Lund

    Romulus in Skallerup is super. recommendable.

  30. Hanna Larsen

    Romulus in Skallerup

    1. Else jensen

      Always friendly and smiling.

    2. Birgit High

      I would like to nominate Romulus in Skallerup Klit.

  31. Vejlefjord spa and spa, is the most beautiful place I have visited. it's just great.

    1. Ellen Mikkelsen

      At Vejlefjord spa, I had a wonderful experience with my two sisters.
      It was a fantastic relaxing place to enjoy a day.
      There was fruit presented, you could enjoy it a bit and jump in the bath again.

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