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In our quest to find Denmark's Best Pizza Places, we have divided the vote into regions and including some of the major cities. This means that not only do we choose the best pizza toast in Denmark, but also in North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand, as well as Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.

Below you can see the nominees and not least vote for your favorite pizzasted on Funen.

You can also click through to the other polls and see how things have gone there.

Fun's Best Pizza

Every year we find and name the best places to eat pizza on Funen. This is done by a popular vote, where you can vote for your favorite via SMS. See the annual winners below.


hot house pizza in rings wins the title of fun
A happy owner receives the diploma for Funen's Best Pizza 2020

It became a close race between Hot House Pizza in Ringe and King of Kebab in Svendborg. In the end, however, it was the former who ran with the victory on the basis of 563 votes over 522.

Congratulations to:


The final position of Funen's Best Pizza Places, which received over 250 votes:

  1. Hot House Pizza, Ringe
  2. King of Kebab, Svendborg
  3. Mamma's, Odense
  4. Marcantonio Trattoria Pizzaria, Odense

The polls in the other cities and regions


  1. Søren jensen

    Hot house in Ringe, clearly the best

  2. Erkan koko

    Hi this is the wine village pizza and grill I have seen and followed from the very beginning and can now see that it is all cheating. How can Marcantonio Trattoria pizzeria, Odense C from 54 Stema until Saturday night came up with 320 Votes I can not see matches. Cheating and cheating

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Hi Erkan. There is nothing strange about that. These "jokes" come when the nominees share in their networks, and that made Marcantonio and Mom's special this weekend.

  3. Lotte Storm

    PZA 208

  4. Jesse Depusior

    Hot House Pizza, 5750 Ringe I would vote for Denmark's best pizza.

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