In our quest to find Denmark's Best Campsite we do initial regional polls. Here you can see the nominees and vote for the best campsites on Funen.

The winner of Funen's Best Campsite will advance to the final along with the other 4 regional winners as well as the 5 runner ups.

Vote for your regional favorite below and see who advances from the other regional polls.

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NB. Write in the comments section why your favorite deserves to win, but remember to write the name of the place in the comment. If your favorite is not already on the list, it is also in the comments box that you can nominate the place.

See the rules and terms for our polls here.

The Best Campsite on Funen 2019

The timeline for the 2019-poll is ready:

  • Nomination: To June 14
  • Regional polls: June 14 12 PM to July 24 12 PM
  • Final: July 25 12 PM to August 6 12 PM

You can vote for your favorite below. Is your favorite not already on the list you can nominate the place in the comment section below. Then we will put them on the list.

Furthermore we have made a poster which nominees can use to print and share on social media.

Download the poster for your campsite here.

How to vote

  • Find your favorite in the list below
  • On mobile: Press 'Send SMS' (you will now be taken to your SMS app)
    From computer: Find the code and enter it in a text message
  • Sent SMS (we've already inserted the code on your mobile phone). You only pay regular SMS fare..

🏆 Congratulations to Bøsøre Strand Feriepark 🏆
Funen's Best Campsite 2019


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Top 10 campsites on Funen 2018

  1. CampOne Bøjden Strand
  2. Hasmark Strand Camping
  3. Bøsøre Strand Holiday Park
  4. Bogense Strand Camping
  5. CampOne Assens Beach
  6. Camp Hverringe
  7. Svendborg Sund Camping
  8. Sandager Næs Camping
  9. Kerteminde Camping
  10. Kongshøj Strand Camping
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  1. Kate Hansen

    CampOne Bøjden Denmark's most beautiful campsite sea view from all pitches, super facilities, lovely atmosphere and a fantastic cozy place.

  2. Anni Greve

    Really nice room, kid friendly, very helpful staff and host couple

  3. Susanne Bøndergaard

    Bøsøre camping is very well maintained. Lovely event for both children and adults.

  4. Laila Mortensen

    CampOne Bøjden is just the best campsite. The sweetest people Christina and Michael do everything to make you feel welcome and your stay is top notch, everything is top notch.
    The most beautiful location and there is nothing missing that is everything for both children and adults.
    That is why CampOne Bøjden must win, of course

  5. Majbrit

    Camp Hverringe. Peace and quiet. Beautiful nature. Child friendly beach and fantastic large playground and huge activity areas.
    Outdoor water park and bath / water etc. is included in the award.

  6. Heidi Grønlund

    Gay beach vacation and beach camping get my vote. Lovely nature and dogs are very concerned there is also dog forest. Lots of activities for young and old, water park inside and out. If you love horses then a ride on horseback can also be completed. Sheep, goats and rabbits. And not to forget the restaurant. Helle, Michael and Patrick are always on the spot with a smile. There is no lack of comfort in this campsite.

  7. Lene Torp

    Kongshøj is definitely worth a lot of visits.

  8. Pernille From Persson

    Camp Hverringe has for the last 9 years formed the framework for my children and my holiday. We started by coming when the kids were quite young & #8211; now they are 12, 16 and 19 years & #8211; and camping at Camp Hverringe still makes trips around the world when the election is about holidays. Next year, a trip to the US and Barbados is shortened because there should be time for the camping trip first.

    We are part of the S + concept & #8211; and this year we were well over 200 people in week 28. Camp Hverringe has created an oasis where we can sit and enjoy, barbecue and eat together. Still, there is also the focus that we are also on family vacation & #8211; in the same way as other families.

    In addition, I want to highlight the location & #8211; on the beach. The lovely pool. The many playgrounds. And especially the cleanliness, which is highly weighted and reflected in all the areas, outside as well as inside.

    See you in 2019 ❤️

  9. Christina Kjærstrup

    Camp one buoy, yarn been here the last few seasons of the summer holidays .. we have a beach area, right by the water. The coolest view .. the square has good and delicious facilities and the kids are well entertained.

  10. Susanne Bøndergaard

    Bøsøre is a cozy and lovely place. Good service, helpful staff, clean and neat. A lot of events are made for both adults and children.

  11. Sonja

    Was there two days and we quickly found out that it became our place and immediately a bigger wagon and became the host of many good activities for both children and adult nice community therefore my voice

  12. Karsten hansen

    Gay ears get my vote, we should just cheat, now we have been there as the fixer for 3 years, the kids love what happens to them all the time, for us adults there are always new activities, car clubs holding annual meetings, dog clubs, country parties, pig parties grandma, and all at affordable prices, and Michael and Helle are always nice to talk to, whether it's 7am on Sundays or 11pm on Wednesday night, it makes no difference.
    Finally, come and share this wonderful oasis with us, there is always room for more.
    Mvh Karsten.

  13. Thea Larsen

    Ristinge campsite is really cozy and very child friendly. Great bathing facilities for both children and adults, as well as kitchen and barbecue. Located not far from a fantastic beach

  14. Bøsøre beach holiday park is just the whole of Denmark's best place, where everything children and childish souls can imagine and lots of free activities for the children.
    And then it is in the most beautiful scenery right next to the Great Belt, where it is possible to catch fresh fish for dinner.

  15. Lone

    Gay ear gets my vote. We just came to visit, but have now been there in our 3rd season as founders & #8230; we enjoy the sum on the square, many happy children and then it is close to the beach. And really helpful staff

  16. Lone

    We just came to visit, but have now been there in our 3rd season as founders & #8230; we enjoy the sum on the square, many happy children and then it is close to the beach. And really helpful staff

  17. Gitte

    Bøsøre camping is a beautiful place. Clean and neat throughout. Really good service. Happy and smiling staff. Reasonable prices. There we go again.

  18. clean

    Bøsør is a fantastic campsite is plenty for children and adults and some good pig parties they keep it down

  19. Happiness

    Campone Bøjden beach is great for families as well as elderly married couples and anyone who likes nature and great views. There are the most incredible and beautiful sunsets over the bay of Helnæs, the fresh air, the sea breeze as it blows, sandy beaches and great opportunities for walks by the water and nature. There are 4 outdoor playgrounds, indoor play area, indoor and outdoor swimming land as well as a delicious restaurant. There are the sweetest and most lovely camp managers Christina and Michael, always smiling and with humor. Although place, this is our 4th season, we are stuck in the buoy and definitely not our last:

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