In our quest to find Denmark's Best Burgers, we also find the best places in the regions. Here you can see and not least vote for North Jutland's best burger bars.

Vote for your regional favorites below and click on to the other regional polls.

North Jutland's best burger


Where do you get North Jutland's Best Burgers in 2021? We hope your help to find out! Read about the poll below and nominate your favorite here.


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: 18 August - 31 August 2021
  • Regional qualifying round: 1 September at 12.00 - 8 September at 12.00
  • After the regional qualifying round, the Top 3 from North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand advance to the final. The final thus gets 15 participants.
  • Final vote: 15 September at 12.00 - 22 September at 12.00

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the burger places that get in the Top 3 or get over 250 votes, get a place on our map of Denmark's best burger places.
  2. After the final vote on 22 September, we will select winners for the regions North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and of course the whole of Denmark on the basis of the final position in the final.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to give away competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like. Read more in our set of rules here:

We have created a graphic that the nominees can share online and offline with instructions on how to vote. Get the graphic here.


In the period


Find your favorite below and give them a voice via SMS in the period September 1 at. 12:00 to 8 September at 12.00

See the regional polls here:

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The program for the 2021 poll looked like this:

  • Qualifying round: 1 - 8 September
  • Finals: 15 - 22 September at 12

Congratulations to:

Burger Shack, Aalborg


This is what the top 3 looked like in North Jutland in 2021:

  1. The Burger Shack, Aalborg
  2. Chuck Wagon
  3. Burger GO, Aalborg


The program for the 2020 vote looked like this:

  • Nomination phase: 24 August at 12 - 17 September at 12
  • Voting: 17 September at 12 - October 1 at 12

Congratulations to:

Chuck Wagon, Hjørring


This is what the top 3 looked like in North Jutland in 2020:

  1. Chuck Wagon, Hjørring
  2. JOMA Burgerbar, Thisted
  3. Burger Boom, Aalborg


The program for the 2019 poll looked like this:

  • Nomination: August 20 - August 25
  • Regional poll: August 26 12 PM - September 10 12 PM
  • Final: September 11 12 PM - September 18 12 PM

Congratulations to:

Restaurant NerD


This is what the top 5 looked like in North Jutland in 2019:

  1. Restaurant NerD, Frederikshavn
  2. Chuck Wagon, Hjørring
  3. Café Knuth & #8217; s, Skagen
  4. Himmerland Golf and Spa, Farsø
  5. We Meat Burger, Frederikshavn

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  1. connie

    møllers cafe Hirtshals and the enjoyable ålbæk

  2. You are missing Chlochs in Vorupør. The best burgers in dk

  3. The city's best burger Cafe 89

  4. Emilie

    Cafe 89 is the best burger

  5. Jannick

    Cafe 89 i aars

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Café 89 is now on the list, Jannick! Thank you for your nomination

  6. the south

    cafe knuth skagen, dean just something <3

  7. C. Andersen

    Chuck Wagon.
    Impressively delicious burger (and ferrets)!

  8. Linette else

    Chuck wagon. The best burgers I've ever tasted and really made with love and passion.

    1. Linette else

      Chuck wagon 4 Ever. And with really delicious juicy meat, delicious cheese and delicious ingredients. On the whole, a really delicious juicy burger with the best ingredients and fucking delicious french fries. Made with love and passion and it just doesn't get any better than Chuck wagon.

  9. Janni Eriksen

    Chuck wagon does not have the large selection but hold up they are good ..
    I was very impressed

  10. Tom Ryttergaard

    Printer & #8220; cannot load page & #8221;
    So can not vote.

    1. rballegaard

      We have experienced several having the same problem, so I just want to hear which phone you use and whether you open the link via facebook app or in a browser?

  11. Odd Tore Mattson

    The best burger is the one found at Himmerland Golf and Spa. An excellent taste, nice and good accessories and excellent and delicious served.

  12. Vibeke Andersen

    Best burger is clearly at Vester Baadlaug in Aalborg. ever

  13. Inge Rasmussen

    JAKOBS CAFE & BAR in Skagen!

  14. Kirsten Hjorth

    You are missing cafe peder must in the opposite
    Mega good burger with real meat and delicious bun

  15. Karina olsen

    Clearly the nerd in Frederikshavn's best burger ever

  16. Kim

    The Happy Cookery. Superb!

  17. Anders Winther

    Cafe Knuth in Skagen

  18. Chuck wagon !!
    good authentic burgers made with love and passion.
    I myself as a chef am impressed with these burgers!

  19. Morten Randrup

    Chuck Wagon.
    No doubt.
    It is in every way an experience.
    If you haven't tasted his Chili Cheese with extra bacon then you haven't lived.
    I NEVER pass.

  20. south dietz

    Why did they delete votes ?? Cafe knuth had over 160 earlier today?

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Hi Søren. We removed approx. 90 votes that tipped in before we were told Knuth & #8217; s that contests are illegal ifm. vote. However, in accordance with our rules, we must remove the votes that may be related to the competition. Then it's fair to everyone.

  21. Allan Larsen

    Chuck Wagon.

  22. Lotte Hoff

    Best burgers I've tasted

    1. Cecilie

      He makes the best burger

  23. Anne Mette Rahbek

    They use delicious brioche buns and make the burgers with delicious homemade red onion, bacon and home stirred mayo, mums. What MUST be crispy is crispy and what MUST be soft is soft, super delicious.

  24. Wilderbeest, Aalborg. The only eatery where I've really enjoyed getting a burger that I'm still talking about (dreaming about) and trying to convince everyone on my way that they should try.
    Namely: NORMANDY FLAPJACK V. 2.0 The others on the menu are probably also go'e but this one..AAH ..

  25. Anette Jesen

    Restaurant Nerd in Frederikshavn

    1. Svend Rantzau Jensen

      Definitely the best burger in town

  26. Betina Markfoged

    Restaurant Nerd Frederikshavn.
    That burger you never get tired of.

  27. Jette Larsson

    Nerd Frederikshavn

  28. Claus Rasmussen

    Grill Burgerbar Aalborg

  29. Søren dietz

    Cafe knuth Skagen really is a good burger with the best ingredients ❤️

  30. Ove Andersen

    Restaurant Nerd must be number 1.

  31. Katrine

    Nerd in Frederikshavn

  32. Himmerlandsburger you can buy from Himmerlands golf and spa.

  33. Casper Nielsen

    Some must have forgotten about cafe liva in Eastern Hurup

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Right until you came, Casper. Café Liva hereby added to the list. Thank you for your nomination 🙂

  34. Blokhus Art Café
    Consistent quality EVERY time served with smile and warmth ❤️
    In the tourist towns, many restaurants are closed, or limited opening hours in winter & #8230; Just not the ART COFFEE, which even on the coldest day of rain and debris, is warm, cozy and filled with guests & #8211; why mon & #8230; ?? Tjjaaa try to guess & #8230; They are fantastic

  35. The Happy Cookery, Jernbanegade 13D, 9800 Hjørring makes the unconditional best burgers in Denmark & #8211; Boom!

  36. Allan Bach

    VB, Aalborg

    Quality every single time

  37. Café Mathilde I Saeby has amazing burgers. Their Detroit Burger is EXCELLENT!

  38. Maria Gade Madsen

    Restaurant nerd Frederikshavn

    1. The best burgers in town

  39. Laila Menne

    Cafe Knut in the Skagen

    1. Malene Thorsen

      Really delicious and juicy and the french fries are just too good !!!

    2. Søren dietz

      What happens to cafe knuth just lost 100 votes ????? Seems very suspicious ..

      1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

        Hi Søren. See the related answer here in the thread.

  40. Bjarke Markussen

    House Burger with Maria & Brian & #8211; Antique and Retro on Læsø.
    Is the best at all

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