In recent years, more and more burger chains and places have sprung up and have taken up the fight against Burger King and McDonald's. But where do you get Denmark's best burger? It's almost a civil war in some of the larger cities of Denmark. The new burger restaurants have been successful and several of them have already expanded their territories. Some of them have even been named in international magazines. But who really makes the most delicious burgers if you ask the Danes? We have decided to find out which is why we need your help now!

Our intention is to make a list as well as a map of the best burger joints and restaurants - and ultimately find the best place to eat burgers (just as we did with the best ice cream parlors)!

Denmark's Best Citizens

Denmark's Best Burger

Every year we find and announce Denmark's Best Burger. This is done by a poll where you can vote for your local favorite via SMS. Along the way we also find the best places in the regions and the largest cities. The five regional winners, together with the five who received the most votes, advance to the final.

The poll for the best place in the cities is a part of the regional poll, which means that the number of votes in this poll is the same as in the regional poll. 

See the rules and terms for our polls as well as tips for nominees here


The timeline for the 2019-poll is ready:

  • Nomination: August 20 - August 25
  • Regional poll: August 26 12 PM - September 10 12 PM
  • Final: September 11 12 PM - September 18 12 PM

Below you can vote for your favorite. If this is not on the list you can also nominate it below.


The 10 finalists have been found! Vote for your favorite between September 11 12 PM and September 18 12 PM. You can use the same code as in the regional poll.

How to vote

  • Find your favorite in the list below
  • Find the code and enter it in a text message +45 92 45 24 04
  • Send the text message You only pay regular SMS fare.
  • When you receive a message saying "Tak for din stemme" (thank you for your vote) your vote has been registered.
    (If you don't receive a message after voting then your vote hasn't been registered - try again later.)

UPDATE 17/9 10.13 AM

An inattentive company in Sønderborg has, against our rules, created a Facebook competition to get people to vote for Lazy Dog. It's against the rules, but it's not Lazy Dog's fault.

To keep the poll clean of competitions, we have deducted Lazy Dog 229 votes, which is the number of participants in the competition on Facebook.

UPDATE 17/9 12:46 PM

We have received a lot of angry messages and have been made aware that our rules do not technically prohibit competitions made by others.

See our rules here

That is why we have returned the 229 votes to Lazy Dog and point out that anyone other than the nominees is allowed to create competitions and give awards until we can rectify this after the current poll. However, we hope that you will abstain from this and let it be about the best burgers and not the biggest awards.

We are sorry about the inconvenience.


Sunday, July 9, 2018 was the last day to vote for your favorite in our big poll on Denmark's Best Burger 2018. We should have announced the ultimate winner, but unfortunately, excitement was turned into frustration when the website got technical problems during the final sprint on Sunday evening. At this time, The Burger Shack in Aarhus and Mikuna, also from Aarhus, were very, very close.

The reason is due to a combination of the many of you who wanted to support your favorite on the finish line, but unfortunately also a lot of very strange traffic from abroad that we haven't experienced before. Our website can withstand a lot of traffic but not to the extent that was the case this Sunday night. This means that many of you went in vain and we truly apologize. On this note, we cannot identify one separate winner, but rather two:

The Burger Shack and Mikuna both got more than 3.300 votes. Congratulations!

3d place went to Pagoden in Ølgod, who got 1.505 votes. Congratulations!

In the months that the poll has been running, 35 burger joints have gotten the 250 votes that is required to get on our map of the best places in Denmark. That is why we also have to congratulate these 35 burger joints who is also worth a visit in 2018::

  • The Burger Shack, Aarhus & #8211; 3300+ votes
  • Mikuna, Aarhus & #8211; 3300+
    (Closed as of August 26 2018)
  • The Dining Pagoda, Beer God & #8211; 1505
  • Sallie's, Albertslund & #8211; 872
  • Gasoline Grill, Copenhagen & #8211; 854
  • Olli & #8217; s Burger Spot, Horsens & #8211; 659
  • Burger Anarchy, Odense & #8211; 656
  • Rumbles, Helsingør & #8211; 647
  • Bar Burger, Barrels & #8211; 612
  • The eagle dagger, Nibe & #8211; 599
  • GreenBurger, Copenhagen & #8211; 543
  • Garage burger, Vejle & #8211; 502
  • Chicago Burger, Odense & #8211; 498
  • Provider, Dog site & #8211; 452
  • Stacy & #8217; s Diner, Kitchen & #8211; 447
  • Bull, Odense & #8211; 445
  • Læsø Antik & Retro, Læsø & #8211; 435
  • Café Maku, Liseleje & #8211; 426
  • Halifax, Copenhagen & #8211; 416
  • Cafe Kosmos, Odense & #8211; 408
  • Café Holmeren, Fensmark & #8211; 405
  • Burger 57, Frederiksværk & #8211; 363
  • Souls, Copenhagen & #8211; 335
  • Highway 51, Vejle & #8211; 335
  • The Forest Grill, Hillerød & #8211; 333
  • Café Venchi, Odense & #8211; 333
  • Thai Ma'hus, Rings & #8211; 324
  • At Tetzlaff, Løgstør & #8211; 316
  • The Grill, Copenhagen & #8211; 303
  • Haveje, Gudmindrup Strand & #8211; 286
  • Jagger Fast Food, Copenhagen & #8211; 279
  • The Burger Shack, Kolding & #8211; 266
  • Normann´s, Hirtshals & #8211; 257
  • Cock & #8217; s & Cows, Copenhagen & #8211; 256
  • At Janes, Marstal / Ærø & #8211; 252


  1. Gry

    Restaurant Bakken, 9940 Læsø
    They make the best burgers with local limousine meat from local butcher's just the best burgers!

  2. Anna Karin

    Cafe Apostrof in Nyborg should definitely be on the list. Here you get the most delicious and most tasty homemade burgers with a good steak and lots of fresh stuffing in freshly baked muffins. Nothing has been saved here.
    And the accompanying ferrets are also exceptional

  3. Gita Pasternak

    Antique and retro at Læsø has
    burgers made from organic meat from galloway cattle, free-range on the meadows of Læsø & #8211; no better!

  4. Peter Riis

    Rumbles Sydhavn in Copenhagen. No doubt!

  5. Lasse Mortensen

    Rumbles in South Harbor & #8211; the original Rumbles. It should (and must win) because they make a simple grilled burger that just tastes great. All the content just plays along and it all has a delicious crispness.

    In addition, a menu (Burger + fries + canned soda) costs only 87 kroner. Cheaper than most other burger restaurants in Copenhagen, but the food is just as delicious.

  6. Mette

    Lazy Dog in 6400 Sønderborg

  7. Michael Nielsen

    Munkholm Bridge Holbæk

  8. Heidi

    We Meat Burger in Frederikshavn
    Great juicy burgers and delicious parmesan frites at a great price

  9. Rasmus Linddahl

    Hey. In missing Bistro V in Hjørring, they have several times received 5/5 stars for their steak sandwich. and their other burgers are just as good!

  10. Anne-Mette Hansen

    normann´si Hirtshals is clearly missing from the list !!

  11. Tanja Klitgaard

    The Best Burger is then decided upon at Cafe Mathilde in Sæby 9300 Nordjylland.
    The burger contains a lovely home made steak, of course by beef dad from our local Butcher Tranholm. Fresh vegetables. Cheese and Bacon. All this in a delicious home baked bun.
    A taste experience that will please any Burger Lover.
    Bon appetite .

  12. Cafe Rohde in Aabybro.
    They make Denmark's best user, always fresh produce, beef of Danish beef cattle, bowl of herbs, last but not least, large portions.

  13. Merve

    I clearly lack BurgerMania in Svendborg! Really good juicy burgers as well as their crispy frites and homemade's milkshakes

  14. Tina

    Denmark's best burger place is clearly Restaurant Bakken on Læsø. They taste absolutely amazing!
    Huge large burgers in many varieties with homemade dressings, big steaks, fresh salad and delicious muffins. Always serve with crispy coarse fritters. Yum!
    There are, among other things. A gentleman burger with 2 & #215; 250 grams of steak!

  15. Lotte vestergaard

    Café Holmeren in Fensmark, 4684 Holmegaard
    They make the best burger

  16. Grethe Andersen

    I know it's not fancy. But it is, after all, one of Denmark's best-selling burgers. Namely McFeast from McDonald's.
    How can you avoid including McDonald's? You may have particularities, but burgers from them are and will be the best-selling.
    And after them comes BurgerKing, which is not even possible to vote for ????

  17. Bjarne

    No no there is no doubt & #8211; Largest, special and most tasty is at Læsø Retro and Antik

  18. Birte Frans

    AtJanes makes delicious delicious burgers.

  19. Cem okan tan

    It's no comment just the best burger I've eaten in so far

  20. Cemil karanfil

    Chicago burger is highly recommended & #8230; top quality / service

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