Cafés with the Organic Food Label

The organic food label is Denmark's state proof that cafés make an effort to use organic products. If you as a café have acquired the organic food brand, then you signal to the outside world that you are self-aware of the quality of the ingredients used in the serving.

There are different degrees of the organic food label. The grades are based on the ratio of the purchased raw materials. You can either acquire gold (90-100 % of the purchased raw materials are organic), silver (60-90 % of the purchased raw materials are organic) or bronze (30-60 % of the purchased raw materials are organic). 

In this guide, we have included a list of all the different cafés in Denmark that have received the organic food label. We also include the degree of the food brand they have acquired; whether it is gold, silver or bronze, and divides it all into the different regions, so it is quick to get an overview of the cafes that are relevant to you.

We sincerely hope you find this review helpful.


The capital abounds with delicious organic cafes, and it can really be felt that they are at the forefront of the battle for ecology. Here you have an overview of cafés in Copenhagen, which has taken an extra step to ensure that high-quality sustainable raw materials are used.

  • Café Rose
  • Gasoline Grill
  • Gaza Grill
  • Globalhagen Kitchen
  • Grantoftegaard
  • Mariannes Kaffebar
  • The Organic BOHO
  • Toldbodens Juice and Coffee
  • Vegan Power House
  • The Heart of the Hill
  • J. Nørgaard Cafe
  • The power plant
  • Original Coffee
  • Roasted Rug Cafe
  • The meeting place
  • Albertslund Stadium Cafe
  • Blaabjerg & Madsen
  • Cafe AUTO
  • Cafe Taxa
  • Frede & Vester's
  • The meatball
  • Jurfood
  • The source of coffee
  • Karens Minde Kulturhusforening
  • Meyers Deli
  • Nordic Hotdog
  • Pixie
  • Rasmus Klump Pancake House
  • The Spot Cafe
  • Tivoli's Coffee Bar
  • Our coffee shop
  • Værkstedscenteret Sandtoften
  • Woodhouse Café
  • Wulff & Konstali 

Zealand & islands

It is not only Copenhagen that focuses on using organic raw materials. Everywhere in Zealand (as well as Lolland-Falster and Bornholm) you will find cafés that have ecology at the center and that are aware of the environmentally friendly choices to be made when ordering the goods.

  • Boisen Iscafe - Nexø
  • Café inTrio - Sorø
  • Hornbæk Minigolf & Waffle Bakery
  • Marlise's Gårdcafé - Holbæk
  • Dark Coffee - Roskilde
  • YogaNamNam - Stege
  • B-hageriet - Hillerød
  • Cafe Danner - Hunter Award
  • Café Kadetten - Helsingør
  • Cafe Ådalen - Faxe
  • Café Ingeborg - Ringsted
  • Coffee Coffee - Roskilde
  • Haldor Topsøe - Frederikssund
  • SALTO's Kitchen - Hillerød
  • Sanne's Desserts - Køge
  • Spiseriet - Næstved

Funen & islands

On Funen & Islands, you will also find a number of organic options if you want to ensure that the cafés you use have this as a priority. Here you can see which cafés on Funen & islands have been awarded the Organic Food Label.

  • Little Local - Svendborg
  • Café Borgernes Hus - Odense
  • Café Egeparken - Odense
  • Café Odense Symphony Orchestra - Odense
  • Café Phønix - Odense
  • Café Slottet - Odense
  • Cafè Thurøhus - Svendborg
  • CSV Sydfyn - Svendborg
  • TFS Vintapperstræde - Odense

North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find some sustainable and cozy cafés, which can be visited with advantage if you maintain a good conscience on behalf of the environment. These places focus on the raw materials that are used being sustainable and top quality, free of all kinds of additives.

  • Coffee shop by Lodbjerg Lighthouse - Vestervig
  • We Feat - Aalborg
  • Keramikcafé Møllehuset - Skagen
  • Anchers cafe & shop - Skagen
  • Huset Café - Aalborg
  • KafféFair Strandvejen - Aalborg
  • The food workshop Thy - Thisted
  • Teater Café - Aalborg
  • Trekanten - Aalborg
  • Zulten - Aalborg

Middle Jutland

In Central Jutland you will find, among other things, Aarhus, which together with Copenhagen acts as a champion in connection with environmentally friendly serving of food and drink. Everywhere in Central Jutland you can find cafes that are very conscious of choosing the ecology in their concept.

  • Cafe Den Go'e Fe - Silkeborg
  • Café Gaya - Aarhus
  • Adventurous Coffee - Aarhus
  • Fika - Aarhus
  • Gårdcaféen Månsson - Brande
  • Café Tuskær - Lemvig
  • Rejsecafeen - Aarhus
  • We Feat - Aarhus
  • The Garden of Ecology - Odder
  • Café Frida - Aarhus
  • Cafeen Eskegården - Beder
  • Dales Café - Aarhus
  • Dit Spisekammer - Silkeborg
  • Folkestedet - Aarhus
  • Kaløvig Course Center - Rønde
  • Kvindemuseet - Aarhus
  • Land Café - Aarhus
  • Nobels Café and Deli - Aarhus
  • Art Cafe - Aarhus
  • Cafe in DGI Huset - Aarhus
  • Our Kitchen - Reputation

South Jutland

In Southern Jutland, you can experience a number of cafés that focus on sustainable cooking without additives. In the list below you will find some offers for cafés, which are conscious about the origin of raw materials, and are very advanced in the shoes when it comes to ecology.

  • B Juicy - Rødekro
  • Cafe k-honest - Ribe
  • Kaffesmeden - Esbjerg
  • Løgumkloster Refugium
  • Tirpitz Café - Blåvand

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